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Ezio Gribaudo: The Man in the Middle of Modernism

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This year I published the book "Ezio Gribaudo: The Man in the Middle of Modernism" (New York-London: Glitterati, 2016) and I presented it with my research on Italian artist Ezio Gribaudo at various events. First of all, in November I was invited to give a paper at the XXII conference of AISLLI (Associazione Internazionale di Studi di Lingua e Letteratura Italiana) at the Center for Italian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. During the same month, I gave an invited talk on Gribaudo and my book at the Boston University Arts Initiative and a book signing at the Rizzoli Bookstore in New York.

The Gribaudo events started this spring with the solo exhibition "Ezio Gribaudo's Theaters of Memory" that I curated at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts on a CH grant (April 1-May 28, 2016). I have also published two articles and four short ones on Gribaudo. In April, I gave an invited talk on my work on Gribaudo at the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles. Then, in July there was a book signing of "Ezio Gribaudo: The Man in the Middle of Modernism" in Turin, Italy, at the Libreria Internazionale Luxemburg, while in February I gave a talk at the XI Conference of Italian Researchers in the World in Houston, titled "A Grant Winning Project in the Humanities: Curating Ezio Gribaudo's Theaters of Memory Art Exhibition."

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