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Degrees Awarded

Doctoral Spanish

Arturo Ramirez Martinez



Dissertation title: Los caminos de Oba Kòso: múltiples facetas de Changó en la producción cultural cubana.
Dissertation chair:  George Cole
Dissertation committee: Genaro Pérez, Jorge Zamora
Dean's Representative: Mario Beruvides, Ph.D., P.E.

MA Languages & Cultures


Al-Hmoud, Rula M., Applied Linguistics
Bowe, Jacob P, Classics
Chien, Ying Jhen, Applied Linguistics
Claman, Alexander, Classics
Fan, Xueni, Applied Linguistics
Gassner, Bryce, Classics
Glassburner, Jenna, Classics
Hunter, Daniel S, Classics
Kang, Juhee, Applied Linguistics 
Lavrova, Irina, Applied Linguistics
Lowetz, Chloe, Classics
Lytle, Drew, Classics
Nagasawa, Mirai, Applied Linguistics
Proskurin, Aleksei, Applied Linguistics
Saito, Shiori, Applied Linguistics
Schneider, Emma, Classics
Shrader, Mason, Classics
Underwood, Rhett A, Classics
Webb, Alaina, Applied Linguistics
Yang, Min, Applied Linguistics

MA Romance Languages

Martinez Diaz, Dania N., Spanish
Vaudry, James W., Spanish


BA Languages & Cultures

Brewer, Lauren M, French
Diem, Spencer C., German
Dolle, Marissa, German
Ferguson, Scott, German
Gilmore, Jacob M, French
Gragson, Courtney L, German
Hahn, Kasey E, German
Jordan, Anna M., German
Leachman, Mason R., Russian Language & Area Studies
McCune, Evelyn R., Classics
Ritter, Martin A., Classics  
Sahm, Connor J., Russian Language & Area Studies 
Turner, Mary A, Chinese Language & Area Studies
Von Readen, Sarah E., German

BA Spanish

Bazaldua, Yazarei Y.
Burgett, Zoe K.
Clark, Emerson D.
Estrada, Krystal A.
Harmon, Elisabeth A.
Heck, Hunter R.
Jenkins, Mallory B.
Lahowetz, Rachel M.
Lewis, Mackenzie A.
Marks, Caitlin A.
Martinez, Jazmyn L.
Monteverde, Kier Joshua A.
Mullin, Tyler E.
Olivares, Mario D.
Oliver, Karrie A.
Ornelas, Marlene L.
Salazar Marquez, Ethan A.
Thompson, Katie E.
Torres, Stephanie
Vanek, Elizabeth M.
Woods, Jaden B.
Wymer, Jackson M.

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Faculty Awards, Promotions and Recognitions

Dr. Britta Anderson, Assistant Professor of Spanish


Britta Anderson is one of ten fellowship awardees for the 2021-2022 Humanities Center's Alumni College Competition.  The Center will make 3000 dollars in research funding available to her this summer, to be used according to the plan outlined in her proposal between May 1 and August 30, 2021.  She will present her research at the Alumni College event in Fall 2021.

Dr. Caroline Bishop, Assistant Professor of Classics


Caroline Bishop is a recipient of a 2021-2022 Loeb Classical Library Foundation Fellowship from Harvard University.  Congratulations to her on receiving this prestigious award two consecutive times.

Arts & Sciences Excellence in Research Award and The Donald R. Haragan Study Abroad Award 

Dr. Carole Edwards, Associate Professor of French


Dr. Carole Edwards is the recipient of two distinguished awards this spring.  She received the Arts and Science Excellence in Research Award.  She has published articles in prestigious peer-reviewed journals on literature, history, cultural studies and literary theory. She has also published four books (2 volumes and 2 monographs) in reputable presses worldwide. In recent years she was recognized as a Francophone expert by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), a multilateral institution supporting co-operation and solidarity among French-speaking universities and institutions. She was one of the two scholars in the United States to be asked to join the Sembène Ousmane Foundation along with other world experts on Francophone African cinema. She recently received a Fulbright grant to Ibn Zohr University, Morocco where she will be teaching and co-directing the Larlanco Humanities Research Lab (that covers 65% of the Sahara region). She will be a guest professor at the University of Limoges in May 2021. 

The Donald R. Haragan Study Abroad Award recognizes the development and implementation of study abroad programs that support Texas Tech's commitment to providing high-quality international education opportunities.  Edwards is this year's Haragan Award recipient for her dedication in providing her students an international experience. She continues offering her students an exceptional cultural immersion experience since 2011 in her hometown of Reims, France. Her personal connections with city administrators, chefs, artists and performers, as well as owners of local pastry ships, vineyards, cinemas and castles enrich the program in many unique ways making it a superior study abroad program.


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Fulbright Senior Scholar in Spain for 2021-2022

Dr. Susan Larson, Qualia Professor of Spanish


Research project: “Comfort and Domestic Space in Spain since 1900”

In the Fall of 2021 Professor Susan Larson will be a Fulbright Senior Scholar in Spain. She will hold another residential research fellowship in the Spring of 2022 at the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies, an international research center of the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid and the Casa de Velázquez, the Madrid branch of the Écoles Françaises a L'Étranger.

2021 Outstanding Researcher Award from the Office of Research and Innovation


Dr. James F. Lee, Jeanne Charnier Qualia Professor of Applied Linguistics

Lee is a member of an Erasmus-funded international research team.  Dr. Tanja Angelovska and Dr. Dietmar Roehm of the University of Salzburg secured the funding to bring the team together. The other members are Dr. Stephen Doherty at the University of New South Wales Sydney and Dr. Alessandro G. Benati at Hong Kong University.
Each member of the team engages in eye-tracking research in order to uncover, discover, or otherwise explore the cognitive processing mechanisms second language learners use when processing various linguistic structures in a second language.  The primary goal is to conduct cross-linguistic comparisons via the access to participants in different countries who have different first languages in order to develop global perspective on the contribution of eye-tracking methodology to our understanding of second language development.

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Dr. Anita McChesney Promoted to Associate Professor of German


McChesney's research examines connections between narrative forms and visual media in contemporary German and Austrian literature and culture. A current focus in on how recent German-language crime fiction uses particular narrative structures to critique society. She has published articles on the detective novel, on media, and on national myths. For an updated list of presentations and publications, please see https://ttu.academia.edu/AnitaM

Diamond Award Recipients

Diamond AwardsKatherine Brooke, Sylvia Flores, Linley Melhem, Dr. Raychel Vasseur

It is our pleasure to share that Katherine Brooke (Spanish Foundations Online Coordinator & Lecturer, Spanish), Sylvia Flores (Spanish Heritage Language Program Coordinator & Lecturer, Spanish), Linley Melhem (Director of International Teaching Assistant Program & Coordinator of English as a Second Language), and Raychel Vasseur (Assistant Professor of Spanish & Director of Foundations of Spanish Program) are recipients of the Diamond Award presented by the Teaching Academy and Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center. Their innovative teaching has been truly amazing providing a transformational learning experience for their students during a pandemic. Their teaching eased the stress on students as shown by their attitude of “going the extra mile” as they helped students learn in new ways. They made a huge difference by showing compassion and dedication to students while sharing their expertise and being a positive example. They were honored with the Diamond Award because of how they excelled under pressure.

Language Learning Early Career Research Grant Recipient


Dr. Kristen Michelson, Assistant Professor in French and Applied Linguistics, has been awarded a Language Learning Early Career Research Grant for the project “Reading between the signs: Exploring novice L2 learners' digital multimodal literacies”. This study will investigate the reading behaviors and cognitive processes of beginning and intermediate French students while they read multimodal internet texts during five distinct instructional sessions focused on L2 reading over the course of one year. Specifically, this study will explore how participants use linguistic/multimodal text features and external resources while interpreting digital texts, how these intersect with genre and background knowledge, and how their interpretive practices evolve over time.

This study aims to illuminate learners' abilities to interpret nuanced perspectives in a wide range of digital, multimodal text types during different stages of 1st- and 2nd-year language learning, with the aim of advocating for raising our expectations of learners' interpretive capabilities from the beginning of their foreign language learning experiences. This project is being conducted with support from CMLL Language Lab and Research Center through the direction of Dr. Chris Vazquez-Wright. This grant is made possible through the Language Learning Early Career Research Grant Program, in conjunction with the scholarly journal, Language Learning, a leading journal in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition. Seven grants are awarded per year and offer up to $10,000 in direct research support.

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2021-2022 Fulbright Distinguished Chair of Public Policy Brazil


Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Bernd Reiter, Ph.D. is awarded the 2021-0222 Fulbright Distinguished Chair of Public Policy Brazil position, for his proposal "No Sustainable Territorial Development without Indigenous Voices: For an inclusive Public Policy and Regional Integration.” He will be conducting empirical research in the northeast of Brazil during the summer of 2022 for this award. His host is the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation in Recife, Brazil.

2020 Assessment Innovation Grant (AIG) Awardee

Photo credit Macy Tapp

Assistant Professor of Spanish Dr. Raychel Vasseur will use the Assessment Innovation Grant to fund certification in the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) through the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) following an online OPI workshop (sponsored by the US Department of Education and Georgetown's Assessment and Evaluation Language Resource Center she participated in this past August.) Certification as an OPI Tester will assist in graduate student training and development, undergraduate curriculum design, and outcomes assessment and program evaluation. Furthermore, students who can articulate their language proficiency using terminology from the ACTFL scale will be more marketable post-graduation.

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Arts & Sciences Innovative Teaching Award

Dr. Yanlin Wang, Assistant Professor of Practice of Chinese


Dr. Yanlin Wang has more than 20 years of Chinese language teaching experience at the universities in both China and US. She created the Chinese Language and Area Studies, a concentration of the bachelor's degree, at Texas Tech University. Her research and publications address various issues of computer-assisted foreign language learning, especially Chinese language acquisition and pedagogy, e.g., online language anxiety, motivation and self-efficacy, computer-mediated communication, Chinese character acquisition, hybrid Chinese courses design, etc. In 2019, she shared a CLTA SIG Award (Chinese as a Second Language Research, Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA) with other Chinese professors. She was honored as distinguished faculty at the Sixth Annual Distinguished Alumni and Faculty Ceremony on April 29, 2021.

USDA Grant to Develop Spanish Communicative Competence


Dr. Jorge Zamora is part of the team led by Dr. Arlene García-Márquez, from the TTU School of Veterinary Medicine which was recently awarded a $750,000 grant for the project entitled “Developing Spanish communicative competence among veterinary and animal science students to improve U.S. agriculture”.

In collaboration with North Carolina State University, Tarleton State University, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and collaborators from the University of Zulia, Venezuela, the Grant team (lead by Dr. Arlene García) will develop and implement three courses of Spanish for Specific Purposes (SSP) in Agriculture for current veterinary medicine and animal science curriculums at Texas Tech's School of Veterinary Medicine and the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Beginning in the fall of 2021, this 3-year collaboration, in line with two of Texas Tech's 2017-2024 Strategic Priorities, will promote the education and empowerment of a diverse student body and enable innovative research and creative activities on our campus. 

2021-2022 LOEB Classical Library Foundation Fellowship Recipient


Dr. Pamela Zinn, Assistant Professor of Classics, is a recipient of a 2021-2022 Loeb Classical Library Foundation Fellowship from Harvard University.

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Student Awards & Recognitions

Texas Tech University Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship Awardees

Zachary Brandner, Spanish 
Maya Edwards, Spanish
Sergio Ruiz Perez, Spanish
Gema Vela, Spanish

Graduate Student Research Support Award

Gema Vela, Spanish Ph.D. candidate, has been awarded a Texas Tech University Graduate Student Research Support Award.  This funding is provided through the Texas Tech University Office of Parent and Family Relations, the Graduate Assembly, and the Graduate School for Spring 2021.  Gema plans to use these funds to pay for expenses related to her research on non-traditional domestic spaces in twenty-first-century Spanish audiovisual culture.

Student Presentations

Céfiro Annual Conference, Lubbock, Texas, April 16-17


CMLL Presenters

Dora Aranda (Texas Tech University) The Dictator in The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Megan Aranda (Texas Tech University) Controversy and censorship: comparing the film version and the literary version of Ilha de Amores by respectively, Manoel de Oliveira and Luis Vaz de Camoes

Veronica Cora-Castillo (Texas Tech University) Negro y blanco: La colonia y el ideal del jíbaro puertorriqueño representados en los cuentos El josco y Bagazode Abelardo Díaz Alfaro

Andrew Cosper (Texas Tech University) Uma visão desejante contraditória em Os Lusíadas

Missael Duarte (Texas Tech University) El libro XII del Códice florentino: una lectura desde la tradición literaria indígena and El erotismo como manifestación de voluntad en Memorial del Convento

Cristina Hernández-Oliver (Texas Tech University) Desmitificando el personaje de “La Malinche” y recuperando la voz de la figura histórica, Malintzín: ¿traidora o mediadora entre dos culturas?

Fernando Martínez-Galeano (Texas Tech University) Discursos opuestos sobre las muertes de Moctezuma y Atahualpa durante la Conquista de México y el Perú

Anna Mastrantuono (Texas Tech University) Variación entre perfecto y pretérito en dos variedades del español americano

Yerko Sepúlveda, Maya Edwards, Raychel Vasseur, & Idoia Elola (Texas Tech University) Identity construction through digital storytelling: A Study Abroad case study

Will Vaudry (Texas Tech University) Willingness to Communicate during Short-Term Study Abroad

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