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Dr. John Beusterien, Professor of Spanish


Transoceanic Animals as Spectacle in Early Modern Spain (Amsterdam University Press, 2020).
254 pages
ISBN: 9789463720441

Animal spectacles are vital to a holistic appreciation of Spanish culture. In Transoceanic Animals as Spectacle in Early Modern Spain, Beusterien christens five previously unnamed animals, each of which was a protagonist in a spectacle: Abada, the rhinoceros; Hawa'i, the elephant; Fuleco, the armadillo; Jarama, the bull; and Maghreb, the lion. In presenting and analyzing their stories, Beusterien enriches our understanding of the role of animals in the development of commercial theater in Spain and in the modern bullfight. He also contributes to growing scholarly conversations on the importance of Spain in the history of science by examining how animal spectacles had profound repercussions on the emergence of the modern zoo and natural history museum. Combining scholarly content analysis and pedagogical sagacity, the book has a broad appeal for scholars of the early modern Spanish Empire, animal studies scholars, and secondary and postsecondary instructors looking for engaging exercises and information for their Spanish language, culture, and history students.

Dr. Sara Guengerich, Associate Professor of Spanish


Cacicas: The Indigenous Women Leaders of Spanish America, 1492-1825 (Oklahoma UP, 2021), edited with Margaret R. Ochoa of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles
ISBN: 978-0-8061-6862-3

This volume showcases colonial cacicas as historical subjects who constructed their consciousness around their place, whether symbolic or geographic, and articulated their own unique identities. It expands our understanding of the significant influence these women exerted—within but also well beyond the native communities of Spanish America.

Dr. Carole Edwards, Associate Professor of French


Laurent Gaudé : Conteur, Dramaturge, Écrivain-monde (Revue des Lettres Modernes Minard, Classiques Garnier, Paris)
ISBN: 978-2-406-10739-2

This essay studies in-depth a selection of works by Laurent Gaude through precise and varied theoretical approaches (postcolonial, novel, mythological and ecocritical) that apprehend Gaudean poetics in an imaginary redefined in the 21st century.

Genaro J. Pérez, Professor of Spanish


Pandemic, Prater: Pastel Palliatives (iUniverse, December 2020)
ISBN: 978-1-6632-1542-0

The voice in these poems describes his experience resulting from the 2020 pandemic. He lives alone, confined to his house with multiple emotions resulting from the books he reads, the movies the author watches, the dreams he has, and the world's news. The amalgamation of all these experiences unchained a myriad of emotions that become the poems of the book. There are numerous intertexts from world literature intermingled with his nightmares and the world news--particularly the United States political events of the pandemic year. Some of the poems relate hallucinating nightmarish experiences, while others reflect on the day's political information. Those readers familiar with world literature will discover numerous allusions and fragments of literary works by literary giants.

Alberto Julián Pérez, Professor Emeritus of Spanish


Novela y poesía en Hispanoamérica (Minden, NV: Riseñor Ediciones/Barker & Jules, 2021)
ISBN 978-1-64789-381-1

These new essays by Alberto Julián Pérez discuss essential problems of Hispanic American literature, as it has developed throughout its history, in constant tension between domination and autonomy, transculturation and creativity. The essayist focuses on two productive and conflictive areas of that literature: poetry and the novel. It analyzes the meaning of the aesthetic and social search for poetry in Latin America, one of the leading continents in the genre. He studies the poetry of Juan Gelman and Olga Orozco, of González Tuñón, of the strange poet Juan Luis Martínez, of Nicanor Parra and Carlos Germán Belli, of Rubén Darío, and of the indigenous poet Churqui Choque Vilca.

In his essays on the novel, Alberto Julián Pérez discusses the work of several authors who maintained a conflictive relationship with the genre, and what it represents for the publishing market, such as Jorge Luis Borges, Copi and César Aira, and others who sought create a new avant-garde Latin American urban novel, like Leopoldo Marechal and Julio Cortázar. His book is completed by his essays on the odd work of the novelist Juan José Saer and on Sarmiento's conflictive European chronicles.

In his interpretations, Alberto Julián Pérez shows that Hispanic-American culture and politics can be thought from its literature, which, as a determining constitutive knowledge, allows us to discover and understand what characterizes us and differentiates us from other peoples.

Dr. Victoria Surliuga, Associate Professor of Italian


ISBN: 978-0-578-75986-9
Publisher: Texas Tech University Libraries DSpace Open Respository  and ytali.com, 2020
Pages: 226

Victoria Surliuga's bilingual book is entitled “Omaggio a Ezio Gribaudo/Homage to Ezio Gribaudo” and was  published as an e-book by the Texas Tech University Libraries and the onlien journal ytali.com. The e-book brings together Surliuga's writings on Gribaudo published between 2014 and 2020 in various venues such as “L'Osservatore Romano,” Edizioni Gli Ori, Ekecheiria, and others.

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