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Reims, France

This summer eleven TTU students went on French immersion in Reims, France under the direction of Dr. Carole Edwards. On top of their classes, they went to Epernay and took a balloon ride over the entire Champagne region after visiting the Mercier Champagne cellars. At the Chaparral Institute they learned about the process involved in Champagne making and the terroir in which it is grown.

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Their visits included the Musée de l'Ardenne, the Arthur Rimbaud museum, a private tour of Notre Dame of Reims towers, the Palais du Tau and the treasures of the cathedral, many museums in Paris (Louvre, Orsay, Pompidou etc). They attended two plays at the Reims theatre (Opus) and Portées de femmes in which they played an active role. They participated in an historical treasure hunt throughout the city of Reims. Students also attended a concert (Les Divalala) over the Crypto archeological site. Nine students went to Normandy to visit the D-Day beaches. The highlight of everyone's trip was partaking in a workshop with a producer in which they all wrote their own scenario in French and then filmed it!

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Student Perspectives

I had such an incredible study abroad experience .... In the first week or so I felt my  language skills improve exponentially. It was a great feeling to pick up the language  quickly and realize that I'm not as clueless as I thought. After about the first two weeks  though it did seem to  plateau, I was still learning a lot more than it felt like, but it  was less tangible and I felt more clueless. I started to realize how much I still had to  learn since I crossed a thresh hold in my language learning and that caused this feeling.  The excursions were wonderful... The film was one of my favorite aspects of this trip. I  had no idea how much I enjoyed the filmmaking process until now... it also increased my  language knowledge through all the terms we learned. Overall, this was an exhausting  but amazing and educational experience which I will never forget. - Julia Anderson


My learning experience in the Reims Study Abroad program was amazing in general.  While it is obvious it only lasted for a month, I noticed some improvements in my  French. Prior to the trip, I avoided using or barely used numbers while speaking during  French class in the U.S but, when I was in Reims, numbers were an everyday thing so  that forced me to use my numbers more- which I'm grateful for. I realized how  accomplished I was in formal/professional French when I bought tickets at the train  station and communicated with strangers. My favorite culture shock of France was  how dogs are allowed almost everywhere including restaurants. I saw more dogs than  children. My favorite excursion was when we went to Epernay because we learned  about Champagne, wine tasted, went on a hot air balloon and I found a  beautiful park with a mini rose garden. Lastly, I loved working on a film project we had  in class. It was nice to use film equipment. - Ejura Unwuchola

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My study abroad in Reims, France was an extremely educational experience that ranges from  cultural education and appreciation, as well as my personal academic study of the language  itself.  To begin with a slight culture shock with the lack of air conditioning but one gets used  to the mild weather...the lack of English was frightening but I was able to grasp a better  comprehension of French.  The excursions throughout the study abroad were eye-opening  experiences...each with  a different emphasis on French culture... In general, my experience in  France was amazing and I have genuine wishes to return to Reims in the future. - Brandon Lopez

Amman, Jordan


The vast cultural richness of Jordan and the beautiful study of Arabic language during the faculty-led study abroad program under the direction of Lecturer, Rula Al-Hmoud, left the students with one of the most “amazing life experiences.”  Students spent the month of June exploring the culture, history, and language of Jordan.   The following student testimonials and images say it best.


“My trip to Jordan was a life-changing experience for me, and I felt lucky to be able to live and learn somewhere so rich in culture.  I would recommend to anyone interested in in continuing learning Arabic, or anyone interested in history to go to this study abroad.” - Latimer Kuykendall


“The trip was not only amazing life experience, but it also changed my mindset on the world and my relationships with those around me.  Furthermore, it gave me a second family.  I could not endorse this study abroad more!” - Gabriella Ghandour

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“This trip was an incredible experience and I learned so much.  I loved getting to experience the culture and all that Jordan has to offer.  Some of my favorite highlights were Petra, Wadi Rum and the Red Sea.” - Meg Schmitz


“The trip has been absolutely incredible and has helped me figure out more about what I want to do with my life.  It felt like a dream.” - Gray Bertram


“The month I spent in Jordan was one of the best of my life.  It changed the lens I view the world, as well as myself, through.” - Katelyn Lilley

Seville, Spain

Both this summer and fall, a total of 67 Texas Tech students studied Spanish abroad at the Texas Tech campus in Seville, Spain.  The students enrolled in Spanish language classes and participated in excursions to grow in cultural competence from visits to beautiful cathedrals to Córdoba, Granada, Mérida.

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As part of classroom activities, students took part in tiles workshops.


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