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Spanish Doctoral Degrees Awarded

Carolina Archer (August 2021)

Dissertation Title: “Yeísmo in Central Argentina: A sociophonetic study of the diverse palatal variation in the city of Córdoba”  
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Brendan Regan 
Dissertation Committee:  Dr. Idoia Elola, Dr. Laura Colantoni (University of Toronto), Dr. Diego Pascual y Cabo (University of Florida)


David Scott Foshee (December 2021)

Dissertation title: “Childhood and Urban Space in 1950w Spanish Popular Film”
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Susan Larson
Dissertation Committee: Dr. Carmen Pereira-Muro, Dr. Britta Anderson, Dr. Allison Whitney, Dr. Fareed Ben-Youssef


Gilberto Garcia

Dissertation title: “Los retornados en México: La inserción de los hablantes de herencia en contextos monolingües”
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Idoia Elola
Dissertation Committee: Dr. Diego Pascual y Cabo (University of Florida), Dr. Brendan Regan

Manuel Martin-Gonzalez (August 2021)

Dissertation title, “The Palimpsests of Cosmic Horror: Space, Mythicity, and Rituality in the Writings of H.P. Lovecraft and His Successors”
Dissertation Chair: Dr. George Cole
Dissertation Committee:  Dr. Genaro Perez and Dr. Jorge Zamora
Graduate Dean's Representative: Dr. Curtis Bauer

Master of Arts Romance Languages

Brittani Chaffin-Spanish, August 
Leveque, Julien – French, December 
Anna Mastrantuono- Spanish, August
Title: “Present perfect and preterit variation in the Spanish of Lima and Mexico City”
Committee: Dr. Brendan Regan (director), Dr. James Lee, Dr. Idoia Elola

Bachelor of Arts


Emerson D. Clark - Spanish
Taylor D. Clark - Spanish
Erika H. Farmer - Spanish
Cassi M. Hall - Spanish
Anna K. Hudson - Spanish
Dominic Mashburn - Spanish
Katie M. McQuien - Languages & Cultures - French
Amanda Ramirez - Spanish
Rodrigo A. Rosales Munoz - Spanish
Landon Thomas - Spanish
Lauren A. Thompson - Spanish
Aimee Valencia - Languages & Cultures - French
Katie McQuien - Languages & Cultures - French
Aimee Valencia - Languages & Cultures - French


Blomquist, Lauren N. - Spanish
Bowling, Emily E. - Spanish
Cruz, Victoria A. - Spanish
De Selle, Haley M. - Spanish
Dsouza, Anna J. - Languages & Cultures - French
Graham, Connor W. - Spanish
Hernandez-Mellado, Nora A. - Spanish
Johnson, Cory H. - Languages & Cultures - Classics
Lester, Jake K. - Languages & Cultures - Classics
Ornelas, Marlene L. - Spanish
Paredes, David A. – Languages & Cultures - Russian Language & Area Studies
Pozo Rodriguez, Jose J. - Spanish
Pyle, Shannon N. - Spanish
Rivera, Adrian - Spanish
Rosales, Evelyn - Spanish
Stephens, Kyle - Languages & Cultures - ASL/English Interpretation
Zimmermann, Ashton M. - Languages & Cultures - Classics

New Joint MA- M.A./M.ED.

The Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures and Curriculum & Instruction have created a fast-track joint degree program which can be earned with 60 credit hours.  Candidates will pursue a M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction and a MA in Languages & Cultures: Applied Linguistics, Classics, or German or a MA in Romance Languages: French or Spanish.   Applications are being accepted for Fall 2022.

Two New Undergraduate Certificates

Certificate in Global Readiness

Students preparing to work abroad and travel the world, pursuing a service-oriented profession (healthcare, social work, profit management, etc), planning to work in an international company, like those headquartered in DFW, Houston, and beyond Texas are prime candidates for this certificate.   This certificate will help students gain employment in today's global economy and in addition to learning to communicate in another language, they will also acquire intercultural competence and professional or international experiences.   Learn more

Certificate in Translation and Interpretation

Students who love languages can increase their prospects in the job market by adding this certificate which provides the foundation for a career in translating and interpreting and the basis to work toward professional certification.  There is an increased need for translation and interpretation services especially in ASL, Arabic, French, German, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish.  Learn more

Faculty Awards

Mortar Board Apple Polishing Award Recipients

acad3 acad4
acad6 acad6

Two CMLL faculty members, Dr. Ashely Voeks (Assistant Professor of French) and Phillip Guengerich (Lecturer of Spanish), were honored with the Texas Tech University Mortar Board Apple Polishing recognition during the Apple-Polishing Banquet & Award Ceremony on October 17.  Recipients of this award are selected by current Mortar Board members based on their commitment to academic excellence and integrity, and the influence they have on student growth.

2021 Alumni College Fellows

The Humanities Center held the annual Alumni College event on October 13, 2021, which showcases the work of the Humanities Center's funded Fellows. The Center supports the research of selected faculty scholars, who share their work in conversation at the event. 

CMLL's  2021 Faculty Fellows


Dr. Britta Anderson (Assistant Professor of Spanish), “Painting Prison Walls: Incarcerated Chicana and Mexican Women's Art and Poetry”


Dr. Linda Gosner (Assistant Professor of Classics), “Mining for Gold in Ancient Iberia: Empire, Community, and Landscape”


Dr. Belinda Kleinhans (Associate Professor of German, Associate Chair of CMLL), “An Undomesticated Bestiary of West-German Language Literature: 1945-1989"


Dr. Jorge Zamora, Associate Professor of Spanish

Congratulations to Dr. Jorge Zamora! He is part of the team led by Dr. Arlene García-Márquez, from the TTU School of Veterinary Medicine which was recently awarded a $750,000 grant for the project entitled “Developing Spanish communicative competence among veterinary and animal science students to improve U.S. agriculture”.


Dr. Bernd Reiter, Professor of Spanish

Dr. Bernd Reiter is serving as the Fulbright Distinguished Chair of Public Policy, Brazil 2021-2022.

“Beyond the Language Requirement, Implementing Sustainability-Based FL Education in the Spanish Foundations Program”

acad12 acad13 acad14

Dr. Raychel Vasseur, Assistant Professor of Spanish, published a chapter with Sepulveda Larraguibel Yerko Antonio that evolved from implementing a project he designed in the intercultural (communicative) competence course she taught in the Spanish Foundations program.


Dr. Yanlin Wang received the 2021 TLPDC Service-Learning Faculty Fellow and participated in the workshop on August 13, 2021 in the TLPDC.



Dr. Carmen Pereira-Muro and Maya Edwards presented at El Congreso Internacional Emilia Pardo Bazán en su Centenario (The International Conference on Emilia Pardo Bazán, upon the centenary of her death).  The conference took place in Coruña, Galicia, Spain from September 22-25, 2021.   The two were intereviewed by the local newspaper.


Dr. Carmen Pereira-Muro presented, “Muro: Naturaleza, te llaman madre… :una lectura ecofe ;inista de  “La Madre Naturaleza”.

Maya Edwards presented, “Espacio e identidad femina en “insolación” : (des) aprendiendo las emociones”.

Maya Edwards presented a talk entitled, “Text(ile) Agencies: Questioning Feminine Spaces in Nintheenth Century Fictio  at II Symposium of the International Association of Galdosistas 100 years, 100 reasons from October 21-24, 2021.   She also presented at the Texas Tech Graduate School Three Minute Thesis Competition on October 14, 2021.

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