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ChE Student Organizations are Hard at Work, Preparing for Nationals

The AIChE Student Chapter at Texas Tech University is starting off the 2016/17 academic year with a record membership of nearly 250 students. The group, led by President Tiffany Nguyen, will continue programs started last spring, including faculty research seminars aimed at increasing interest in undergraduate research and tours to industrial facilities, such as Valero, CP Chem, and Phillips 66. In addition, the chapter is implementing new programs aimed at strengthening members' professional and technical skills, including a resume catalog for top sponsors, an AIChE Corporate Dinner, a community outreach committee, and a new officer position for coordinating undergraduate research. The goal is to continue the organization's growth and foster members' career development. The group will attend the National AIChE Conference in San Francisco this fall and will represent Texas Tech in both areas of undergraduate research and leadership. The organization is advised by Dr. Carla Lacerda.


The ChE Car Team, led by President Asmaul Indah, is thirty-five members strong and will be competing at the AIChE National meeting this fall after taking second last spring at regionals. The team's car is powered by a gas turbine running on the CO2 produced by the reaction of acetic acid and sodium carbonate. The car is stopped by a bleaching reaction connected to a valve. At the competition, judges will give the competitors a weight to carry for a set distance; the car that comes the closest to the specified distance wins. The team is very excited to represent the Department at Nationals, and they have been working hard to improve their car by reducing friction, eliminating leaks in the piping system, and improving the power reaction to achieve a wider range of distance. The ChE Car Team is advised by Dr. Jeremy Marston.