Texas Tech University

ConocoPhillips Academic Success Bridge Program


What is the ConocoPhillips Academic Success Bridge Program?

bridgeThe ConocoPhillips Academic Success Bridge Program provides study skills training, academic preparation training, tutoring, mentoring, and other academic support services. After completing the ConocoPhillips Academic Success Bridge Program, we believe that you will have an academic foundation and the confidence to succeed in engineering.

The focus of the program is a concentrated math review course that begins one week before the fall 2021 semester begins. Mentoring and academic support opportunities will continue through the fall semester with the support of peer mentors.

The program consists of a basic math concepts review, combined with hands-on learning experiences, in order to show how math is fun and a critical component of all aspects of engineering. Other benefits of the program include social and academic networking with students, faculty, and staff.

The criterion for the program will be determined before Red Raider Orientations begin end of May 2021.


The application will be available before Red Raider Orientation begins in Summer 2021.

If you have questions, email the Engineering Opportunities Center at eoc.coe@ttu.edu.