Texas Tech University

Elaine Ramzinski


Image: Distinguished Staff Award - Matador Award Recipient: Elaine Ramzinski - College of Arts and Sciences

Elaine Ramzinski
Academic Analyst
College of Arts and Sciences

As an Academic Analyst in the College of Arts and Sciences, Elaine Ramzinski has served as the Student Division's official liaison to the Degree Works Office. This is an extremely detailed-oriented task. Each individual class has attributes which are used by Degree Works in order to populate the graduation requirements in students' audits. All of these have to be posted correctly in order to clear a student for graduation. This overwhelming responsibility is one that the nominee took on enthusiastically. She has done a remarkable job of correctly populating the data base of classes so all Texas Tech students get accurate information from the audits. She has also worked diligently with Degree Works to move the Student Division closer to a paperless environment by helping implement a streamlined auditing system for Arts and Sciences which will keep students better informed with up-to-the-minute information concerning graduation requirements.