Texas Tech University

Misty Rangel


Image: Distinguished Staff Award - Masked Rider Award Recipient: Misty Rangel - Mathematics and Statistics

Misty Rangel
Unit Coordinator
Mathematics and Statistics

As Unit Coordinator in Mathematics and Statistics, Misty Rangel demonstrates daily that she is an excellent manager. She is always timely and well organized. She expects deadlines to be met, and for that to happen, she is the first who meets the deadlines. She shows a lot of initiative in her work, and goes above and beyond her responsibilities. Misty works with faculty on all specials events and arranges the fall social and Honors banquet. She gives full attention to what others are saying, takes time to understand the points being made, and asks questions as appropriate. As a result, faculty members know they can rely on her expertise to take care of all the details concerning these departmental events. Misty has become an invaluable member of the Mathematics and Statistics department and has contributed greatly to its success.