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Image: Distinguished Staff Award - Guns Up Team Award Recipient: TTU Junction

Texas Tech at Junction

Texas Tech at Junction is a place that brings diverse stakeholders together to address and provide solutions to critical natural resources and water issues. The team that runs this campus incudes: Yaso Anguiano, Derrick Ard, Clay Armes, Mike Bailey, Maria Elena Dempsey, Ino Gutierrez, Karen Lopez, Salvador Martinez, Kelly Scioneaux, and Esmeralda Valenzuela. The functions on this campus have been a huge success due to this team as evidenced by state, regional and national awards, grants, attendance and diversity of users ranging from small NGOs to large conferences. This team has brought tremendous recognition to Texas Tech. A few examples include: the educational impact on K-12 students, teachers, parents, landowners and ranchers; the economic and safety impact due to the relocation of Texas Forest Service western division (after the devastating 2011 Oasis Pipeline fire) providing volunteer firefighter training and prevention for the region; the economic impact of more than $3 million from national and regional conferences; and the regional economic impact of over $3.5 million in local, state and national grants resulting in $1.2 million in direct economic benefits to the City of Junction. These noteworthy achievements depend on the smooth functioning of the campus and would not be possible without the competency, care, efficiency and can-do attitudes of this diverse and remarkable team. What makes this team truly extraordinary is their ability to quickly solve problems and issues that crop up in an 18 building infrastructure largely constructed in the 1950's, and located 200 miles from Lubbock. Given the many new research projects, large and small professional meetings and workshops, development of the Discovery Point Trail, renewable wind and sun energy projects, the Outdoor School with over 25 ISDs and over 2,500 K-12 students per year - this team of maintenance, custodial and dining staff have done exemplary work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly.

  • Yaso Anguiano, Food Service Leader
  • Derrick Ard, IT Support Technician III
  • Clay Armes, Grounds Maintenance Leader
  • Mike Bailey, Foreman
  • Maria Elena Dempsey, Senior Lead Custodian
  • Ino Gutierrez, Custodian
  • Karen Lopez, Advisor
  • Salvador Martinez, Tradesman Leader
  • Kelly Scioneaux, Supervisor
  • Esmeralda Valenzuela, Custodian