Texas Tech University

Classified TTU Pay Plan

FT Position CodeS0516
PT Position CodeP0516
Position Class TitleAsst for USDA Inspctd Meat Lab
Position Description
Assist with the typical day to day operations of the TTU USDA Inspected Meat Laboratory. Harvest animals for labs, assist with the fabrication of meat cus for beef, lamb and pork, help maintain the HACCP plan and work with USDA. Assist with overall sanitation and maintenance of the facility. Provide leadership to students in the Animal & Food Science department.
Experience with USDA FSIS regulations, meat cutting and harvesting of animals.
Employee ClassN1, N0
EEO50 - Technical and Paraprofessional
ORP EligibleNo
Pay Grade509
Annual Pay Range25,826 - 38,740 - 57,916