Texas Tech University

Texas Tech Syllabi and Course Numbers

To find the course number of a particular Texas Tech course, please follow Course Descriptions. You can then enter a course prefix (department) and course number, or you can look at all courses under a certain prefix.

About Texas Tech course numbers:

  • It is important to note the first 2 numbers of the course numbers at Texas Tech.
    • The first number indicates the level of the course. For example, ANTH 1301 is a First year student level course (1st year), ANTH 2315 is a sophomore level course (2nd year), ANTH 3317 is a junior level course (3rd year), and ANTH 4310 is a senior level course (4th year). Any course that starts with a number higher than 4 is a graduate level course.
    • The second number dictates the credit hours of the course. For example ANTH 1301 is a 3 credit hour course (meets for 3 hours a week). ANTH 4640 is a 6 credit hour course (meets for 6 hours a week). For an undergraduate student, the minimum course credit (credit hour) load is 12 credit hours. For a graduate student, the minimum course load is 9 credit hours.
  • To find a current Texas Tech course syllabus, please follow Course Information and follow the instructions below:
    • In the Find Course Information section, leave course details: Type in the Course Prefix and Course Number. For example, you can find the syllabus for an Anthropology course by using the prefix ANTH (you can find prefixes on the course catalog link above).
      • Do not enter the Title of the course as it must be the exact course title or the search will give you an error.
  • Press Search.
  • You can then look for the professors' name and click View Syllabus.