Texas Tech University

Children/Spouses - Veteran

Children/Spouses of a Veteran Requirements:

(See TVC website for official rules)

Children and Spouses of a Texas Veteran, who is totally and permanently disabled, missing in Action, Killed in action or died as a result of service. (Recipient receives up to 150 credit hours of their own). Spouses and dependent children of eligible Active Duty, Reserve, and Texas National Guard who died in the line of duty or as a result of injury or illness directly related to military service, are missing in action, or who became totally disabled for purposes of employability as a result of a service-related injury or illness are entitled to each receive a 150 credit hours exemption, DD214 shows place of entry is Texas or Home of Record is Texas or proof veteran was a Texas resident at the time of entry or DD1300 with all required information. Have no federal veteran's education benefits, or have federal veterans education benefits dedicated to the payment of tuition and fees only; such as: Chapter 33/Post 9/11, for the term or semester enrolled that do not exceed the value of Hazlewood benefits. Recipient must be admitted by the university admissions office as a Texas resident, not in default of student loans (see application instructions and requirements).

Financial Aid Note:

The Hazlewood benefit will impact your financial aid award as Hazlewood is noted as a resource of funds. For information or questions regarding this information, contact your Financial Aid representative in West Hall Room 301. Tel. 806 742 3681. Children and Spouses of Totally and permanently disabled veterans must meet SAP excessive hours and GPA requirements. Excluded from SAP excessive hours and GPA are Spouses and Dependents of Veteran's service connected death, KIA and MIA.

Dependent or Spouse of a Veteran who is rated 100% disabled for the purpose of employability, KIA or MIA – no age limit for dependent

  • Visit the Checklists page on this website, click Hazlewood Dependent or Spouse of a 100% Disabled, KIA or MIA Veteran Checklist for more information and instructions.
  • MVP wants to ensure your application is complete and processed efficiently. Confirm you are submitting required items by printing and using the checklist.
  • Submit the application and supporting documents to MVP immediately following registration of classes via the MVP Forms portal.

Audit Note: TTU may perform an audit of your records at any time. If during an audit it is found you are not meeting a requirement, Hazlewood will be removed from your account and you will be responsible for all account balances.