Texas Tech University

Previous Hazlewood recipients at Texas Tech University

  • Visit the Checklists page on this website, click Hazlewood Previous Recipient at TTU Checklist for more information and instructions
  • MVP wants to ensure your application is complete and processed efficiently. Confirm you are submitting required items by printing and using the checklist.
  • Submit the application and supporting documents to MVP immediately following registration of classes via the MVP Forms portal.

Audit Note: TTU may perform an audit of your records at any time. If during an audit it is found you are not meeting a requirement, Hazlewood will be removed from your account and you will be responsible for all account balances.

NOTICE: If there is a break (excludes Summer 1 and Summer 2) in receiving Hazlewood, you must re-submit all required applications and supporting documents, through the MVP Forms portal instead of just submitting your Continuing Hazlewood Application.