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Campus Resources

Texas Tech University offers a variety of services that are offered either at no cost or at a minimal cost. These campus services are here to support you during your collegiate experience. Whether you are in search of a campus organization, financial aid, IT support, assistance during a difficult time, or during an illness, these resources are designed with the student in mind. The staff is dedicated to the holistic development of all students.

List of Campus Resources

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Campus Life

The Center for Campus Life promotes each student's learning experience by focusing on student transitions and connecting you to the University and campus traditions through leadership and involvement opportunities. Whether you are looking for Red Raider Orientation, a list of student organizations, Greek Life, or leadership opportunities, the center for campus life is a great place to start.

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Parking Services

University Parking Services provides guidance and assistance to the campus community and public on all parking-related needs in a timely and efficient manner; promotes compliance with the University's parking regulations through a general understanding of its parking system; and demonstrates an overall attitude of serving, caring and helping all whom we serve.

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There are several scholarships that you may be eligible to receive. Please view the scholarship website to understand the specific requirements.

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Student Counseling Center

Whether this is your first semester or you're a few months from graduation, the transition from the demands of military life to those of the university usually creates a significant amount of stress. From hanging up the "cammies" to putting on the "civies," setting down the "ruc sac" to picking up the book bag, and trading in your "deuce gear" for pens and paper, leaving the all-encompassing "Green Machine" for the classroom is no easy task. Many of you are returning from war-zones; the amount of stress from that experience added to what you must already face is, often, immeasurable and overwhelming.

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Student Legal Services

We provide legal advice, counsel and limited representation for currently enrolled students at TTU/TTUHSC. Our licensed attorneys can advise and/or represent students in variety of legal areas including, but not limited to: landlord/tenant disputes, expunctions, misdemeanors, name changes, essential needs licenses, and small claims consumer disputes.

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Student Disability Services

Because we know the transition from active duty to a college classroom can be challenging, Student Disability Services would like to make this transition as smooth as possible. Resources to accommodate a disability can open up educational opportunities.

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TTU Chapter of S.A.L.U.T.E.

The S.A.L.U.T.E. (Service, Academics, Leadership, Unity, Tribute and Excellence) Veterans National Honor Society recognizes student veterans who excel in the classroom. Please review the website for eligibility requirements. If you think you are eligible, contact luke.stone@ttu.edu.

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IT Services

The Information Technology (IT) Division is committed to providing the highest possible level of services to the campus community. If you need assistance connecting with the campus WiFi, information about computer programs that students can download for little to no cost, or general questions about access to your eRaider, contact IT services.

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The Office of the Registrar promotes each student's learning experience by collecting, preserving, and protecting academic records of Texas Tech University students and providing accessibility to those records to authorized individuals or entities in accordance with university, state, and federal laws and guidelines.

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Student Affairs

Student Affairs promotes the advancement of knowledge, focusing especially learning that takes place beyond the classroom environment. By challenging students to become active participants and members of the university community, we develop ethical and innovative leaders who are better prepared for success as life-long learners and ardent Red Raiders

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Student Health Services

Student Health Services will be recognized by students and parents as an exemplary provider of comprehensive, cost-effective, and compassionate medical care and health education to students.

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Student Resolution Center

The Student Resolution Center at the Texas Tech University provides informal, neutral, and confidential dispute resolution services. We assist people with interpersonal misunderstandings or disputes as well as those with concerns about academic or administrative issues. We attempt to help individuals resolve their concerns fairly and, if possible, informally.

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University Career Center

University Career Center promotes each student's learning experience by: providing centralized resources for Texas Tech student and alumni career development, and by assisting employers in recruiting Texas Tech students and alumni.

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First Generation Transition and Mentoring Programs

First Generation Transition & Mentoring Programs (FGTMP)
seeks to support undergraduate students that identify as first-generation in college as they pursue their undergraduate degree.

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Texas Tech University Advising

The Department of Texas Tech University Advising exists to engage, equip, empower, and encourage students (and their families) to explore and excel in their educational goals and beyond.

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The Learning Center

The Learning Center's mission is to empower and encourage students in their pursuit of achieving academic success within a safe and inclusive learning environment. The Learning Center works to enhance the academic success of all currently enrolled Texas Tech Students by offering a variety of free services: Online Tutoring, Drop-In Peer Tutoring, and a Study Lounge.

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Writing Center

The University Writing Center offers thirty minute, one-on-one tutorials to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff in an effort to support its belief that writing serves as one of the primary means for learning and communicating.

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