Texas Tech University

General Checklist

Getting Started

The first three steps can be done concurrently

  1. Apply to Texas Tech University through www.ttu.edu (Undergraduate, Graduate, Law School)
  2. Visit Financial Aid to learn about grants, loans, scholarships and the FASFA form.
  3. Go to www.mvp.ttu.edu
    • Under Programs & Benefits, read content under Getting Started
      • If you are still in the service, you can read the Prior to Discharge section first
      • This is the Start Here Checklist
    • If you plan to use federal or state veterans benefits or to see if you are eligible, under Programs & Benefits, click on the Federal Educational Benefits tab and for the state program, click on the Hazlewood Act tabs.  There are overviews of each program and chapter and checklists for the benefit you plan to use..
      • If you plan to use Hazlewood Act, you will apply for the benefit through the MVP Hazlewood Checklist steps via our MVP Forms Portal.
      • If you plan to use Federal Educational Benefits but have not yet applied through VA, apply at www.vets.gov first, then you will go to the MVP Forms Portal to request certification and upload supporting documents.
  • Remember to keep a copy of your verification page to upload in your MVP checklist of items.
    • Collect the checklists of items needed to be certified for veterans' educational benefits.

4.  Register for Red Raider Orientation

    During Red Raider Orientation

Note:  if you are taking classes at a regional location, you may attend orientation at that site

5.  Immediately after Registering for Classes:

Submit the Checklist of required paperwork and documentation to the MVP Department via the MVP Forms portal to complete the Certification of Benefits process.

Transferring from Another Institution

  1. Visit Undergraduate Admissions and click on "Transfer" Students.
  2. Follow steps 2-5 under "Getting Started".

During the Semester

Each semester, immediately after registering for classes, log onto the MVP Forms portal to complete your MVP Certification Form for the new semester.

Report the following changes on the MVP Change Request Form via the MVP Forms portal , including:

  • Added/Dropped Classes.
  • Withdrawal from the university.
  • Major or minor changes.
  • Address changes and incomplete or missing grades.
  • Remember to contact the MVP Department as needed.