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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements for Study in Physics

The admissions requirements for the Department of Physics are "holistic," in the sense that we have a goal of evaluating the whole of the applicant's qualifications, without imposing firm, arbitrary cutoffs on particular test scores. However, we have expectations that a prospective student will have

  1. Taken the Advanced GRE exam in Physics (provisional admission  is possible before the exam is taken)
  2. If an international applicant, scored over 580 on the TOEFL (213 on the new scale)
  3. Maintained a grade point average of 2.8/4.0 or better in their last 60 hours.

Any of these expectations may be ignored if a prospective student can show the promise of a successful graduate career based on such other factors as work experience, research experience, demonstrated leadership, or unusual desire.

Department of Physics and Astronomy