Texas Tech University

Step-by-Step Application Procedure

Deadlines: February 1 for Fall Admission; October 1 for Spring Admission

  1. Fill out the Application for Graduate Admission and Assistantship. This is our departmental application....make sure that you give us full information about how we can contact you, and specify which program or programs you are interested in.
  2. Send, to the Department at the address below an unofficial copy of your transcripts, test scores, and two letters of recommendation. These must be sent directly to us so that we get them promptly, without relying on the Graduate School. Mail these to: Graduate Recruiter, Texas Tech University, Department of Physics, P. O. Box 41051, Lubbock, TX 79409-1051.
  3. In addition to the departmental application materials listed above, you must also apply to the graduate school. You may apply online or if you need them mailed for some reason, let us know and we will arrange it. You must fill out both the departmental and Graduate School forms. The Graduate School charges an application fee.
  4. The Department can consider your application as soon as we have the letters, transcript, and test scores, but we cannot formally accept you or offer support until you have paid your fee and been accepted by the Graduate School. So pay your fee. The Graduate School sends us nothing until this is done.
  5. Please observe the application deadlines of February 1 for Fall semester applicants and October 1 for Spring semester applicants. The department will consider late applications if support is still available.
  6. We will contact you regarding acceptance and support offers as soon as possible after we have enough information. If you want an update of the status of your application, contact the Graduate Recruiter, Prof. Mahdi Sanati, m.sanati@ttu.edu, (806) 742-3759.
  7. Download and print this handy checklist.

Department of Physics and Astronomy