Texas Tech University

Maurice Clark, Ph.D

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics

Office Phone: (806) 742-3781
Email: Maurice.Clark@ttu.edu
Office: 014 Science Building


Ph.D. Physics, Murdoch University, Western Australia (2000)
B. S. Physics (Hons), Murdoch University, Western Australia (1993)
Graduate Diploma in Education, Murdoch University, Western Australia (1993)

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Research Interests

Although my PhD was in surface physics, astronomy has been a life-long passion. My idea of a wild night is a clear, dark sky and a telescope! I love teaching about, and observing, the universe.

Currently my research focuses on asteroid and variable star photometry. To date I have data on over 100 asteroids and I am now re-observing many of them to model their 3-dimensional shape. As a by-product of this work, I have discovered 3 new variable stars.

Other projects I am working on include supernovae photometry, deep, wide-field imaging of the northern Milky Way in H-alpha light, and very deep imaging of galaxies in the Local Group in search of tidal tails.

Selected Publications

  • M.L. Clark, Asteroid Lightcurves from the Preston Gott Observatory. Minor Planet Bulletin 39-2, 63-65
  • M.L. Clark, Asteroid Lightcurves from the Preston Gott and McDonald observatories. Minor Planet Bulletin 38-4, 187-189.
  • M.L. Clark, Asteroid Lightcurves from the Chiro Observatory, Minor Planet Bulletin 37-3, 89-92.