Texas Tech University

Anna Faye McLeod, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Texas Tech University & University of California Berkeley

Email: anna.mcleod@ttu.edu, anna.mcleod@berkeley.edu

Phone: (806) 834-2588

With large data sets from the largest telescopes in the world, such as the Very Large Telescope in Chile, I study the effect that the most massive stars we know of have on their environment. These stars, which have masses 8 times and above that of our Sun, shape the material within the regions they form in, they contribute to the formation of new generations of stars, and they regulate the evolution of entire galaxies. By comparing a large number of observations of "feedback in action" to each other and to simulations, it is possible to determine how feedback from massive stars depends on a range of characteristics, such as the location of the stars within the galaxy, the number of massive stars driving the feedback, or even the chemical composition of the star-forming regions

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Research Interests

  • Star formation
  • Galaxy evolution
  • Feedback from massive stars
  • Milky Way and nearby galaxies
  • Star clusters
  • Integral field spectroscopy

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Recent publications

R. Urquhart, R. Soria, M. W. Pakull, J. C. A. Miller-Jones, G. E. Anderson, R. M. Plotkin, C. Motch, T. J. Maccarone, A. F. McLeod, S. Scaringi, A newly discovered double-double candidate microquasar in NGC 300, 2018, to appear in MNRAS (arXiv 1810.04678)

A. F. McLeod
, J. E. Dale, C. J. Evans, A. Ginsburg, J. M. D. Kruijssen, E. W. Pellegrini, S. K. Ramsay and L. Testi, Feedback at low metallicities: MUSE observations of N44 and N180 in the Large Magellanic Cloud, 2018, MNRAS

P. Zeidler, E. Sabbi, A. Nota, A. Pasquali, E. Grebel, A. F. McLeod, S. Kamann, M. Tosi, M. Cignoni and S. K. Ramsay, The young massive star cluster Westerlund 2 observed with MUSE. I. First results on the cluster internal motion from stellar radial velocities, 2018, accepted by A&A (arXiv 1809.06866)

A. F. McLeod, M. Reiter, R. Kuiper, P. D. Klaassen and C. Evans, A parsec-scale jet from a massive young star in the Large Magellanic CloudNature, 554, 7692, 2018

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