Texas Tech University

Clubs & Organizations



Graduate Student Council

Purpose: To represent Plant and Soil Science (PSS) graduate students and address their interests and concerns; to pursue improvements in quality of research and education; to promote meetings and events fostering mutual exchange of ideas and strengthening fellowship among PSS graduate students.

Activities: Recent activities organized by the PSS Graduate Council have been an orientation program for new PSS graduate students, the invitation and hosting of guest speakers as part of the department's Distinguished Lecture series, cooperating in the revision of the graduate handbook, and the coordination of social gatherings.

Contact: Dr. Scott Longing


Soil Judging Team

Purpose: To represent Texas Tech University at soil judging events; to build on classroom knowledge with hands-on experience in the field; to get our hands a little dirty.

Activities: Compete in soils competitions across the state and country, collaborate with teammates throughout meetings and practices, develop practical skills through hands-on learning.

Contact: Dr. Daniel Hirmas


Agronomy Club

Purpose: To provide activities to develop interpersonal skills, to learn the latest advancements in the crop and soil sciences, biotechnology, and agronomic industrial sectors.

Activities: National convention-student activities subdivision of the American Society of Agronomy, "Take a Kid to the Game", tours, student speech competitions, Texas ASA state meetings, annual agronomy club banquet, canned food drive, selling agronomy hats, Southern Region meeting.

Contact: Dr. Glen Ritchie (We're also on Facebook!)


Tech Turf

Purpose: To promote and advance the turf grass management profession; provide an avenue for an exchange of information and ideas between students and professionals, and information about career direction and credentials needed.

Activities: Compete in the Turf Bowl at the Golf Course Superintendent Association of America meeting and tradeshow each year, host the Tech Turf Classic in the spring, and host professional speakers and meetings.

Contact: Dr. Joey Young


Entomology Club

Purpose: To provide professional, service and social opportunities for all students interested in entomology and to promote the science of entomology.

Activities: Educational and public service outreach, FFA Entomology Contest, fundraising, beekeeping, insect collecting trips and other social events.

Contact: Dr. Scott Longing


Raiders Uncorked

Purpose: Raiders Uncorked has been established for the expressed purpose of academically exploring and appreciating viticulture, enology and wines of the world. Raiders Uncorked shall also help provide experiences and opportunities for those students who want enter a career in these fields. Raiders Uncorked understands and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities of abiding by Texas Tech University policies.

Activities: Bi-monthly tastings of wines from distinguished areas around the world; group wine tours; wine education fundraising, winemaking competition.


Horticulture Society

Purpose: To promote the discipline of horticulture; open to all persons interested in horticulture.

Activities: Attend professional meetings, fundraisers, industry speakers, scholarship and public service activities, and social events.


Pi Alpha Xi

Purpose: Pi Alpha Xi is the Honor Society for Horticulture established to unify students, educators, and professional horticulturists. The society promotes high scholarship, fellowship, professional leadership, and the enrichment of human life through plants.

Activities: National and Regional flower judging competitions and photography competitions; the local chapter sells seasonal arrangements for fundraisers, has Christmas parties and spring initiations at the Horticulture Gardens and Greenhouse.