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I-Corps is an intensive NSF program designed to enable scientists and engineers to identify paths-to-market for inventions. Central to the program is the validation of commercialization hypotheses through a process of customer discovery. I-Corps training is delivered through National and Regional programs.

If you're interested in commercializing your technologies, generating grants, and aligning your research agendas with the marketplace, then you might be interested in the NSF funded I-Corps program.

Why should I consider participating?

Grants: National I-Corps teams are awarded a $50,000 NSF grant. 
I-Corps positions teams well to receive SBIR and STTR grants.

Commercialization: I-Corps is designed to maximize the likelihood of commercial success.

Research: I-Corps helps align research agendas with the marketplace.

What is an I-Corps team?

Teams are typically comprised of three members:

Principal Investigator (PI): researcher, inventor, idea-holder

Entrepreneurial Lead (EL): grad student, post doc, or community entrepreneur

Industry Mentor (IM): experienced businessperson

Are there eligibility requirements?

For National I-Corps, PI's must have NSF funding within the last 5 years in the field related to the opportunity. Apply to National I-Corps

Anyone can apply for Regional I-Corps programs. Certified instructors have the discretion to grant an endorsement into National I-Corps if the team performs above and beyond the expectations of the program.

How are National and Regional I-Corps programs run?

The National I-Corps program is an intensive seven week program with heavy emphasis on interviewing customers. National teams are required to attend an opening (3 day) and closing (2 day) workshop at a national I-Corps Node location designated by the NSF. The national program also requires 5 weekly WebEx sessions with instructors.

Regional programs (either 3 days or 2 weeks) provide condensed overview of the National program.

I'm interested; what's the next step?

Contact Weston Waldo to discuss how to form your team and apply.


Regional Programs

The Southwest Node of the NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps) is offering a 2.5-week regional program in Lubbock to help teams quickly and effectively validate their commercialization strategy through tactical collection and analysis of data generated from direct interaction with potential customers. Additionally, this course will provide teams the opportunity to become eligible to apply for a $50,000 I-Corps Team Grant from the National Science Foundation.

Apply for the Program: March 6 - 22