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iThenticate is used worldwide by publishers and research organizations to ensure the originality of work before professional publication. The service allows researchers to easily upload and scan documents, manuscripts, research and other professional works into iThenticate which compares the work against 60 billion web pages and 105 million content items from leading academic publications. Each submission returns a "Similarity Report" identifying text in the submission that matches text appearing in published materials in iThenticate.

TTU faculty and researchers might use iThenticate to submit:

  1. Student thesis and dissertations manuscripts.
  2. Graduate level course papers.
  3. Grant proposals. Many federal agencies, such as NSF and NIH, use iThenticate to scan proposals.
  4. Faculty and student manuscripts for journals and other professional writing. Many professional and scholarly journals use iThenticate to screen submissions for originality and self-plagiarism.

text reads: plagiarism in check

For additional information or technical assistance, contact Marianne Evola at marianne.evola@ttu.edu.

iThenticate (Faculty & Graduate Students)

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