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Chancellor Highlights Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community's Importance to Texas Tech

Innovation Hub Team

November 11, 2019

Watch: Dr. Tedd Mitchell's exclusive interview with Hub startup Campus Live

Chancellor Tedd Mitchell says innovation and the Innovation Hub's role in developing research and startups are crucial parts to the "next big step" for the Texas Tech University System. His comments come in an exclusive one-on-one interview with entrepreneur Marcus Pauda, the CEO of Campus Live. The multi-platform media company is a tenant at the Hub.

Leveraging innovation 

In the extensive interview, Chancellor Mitchell describes the Innovation Hub as "a combination of an air traffic controller and a high school counselor." He says, "Having an incubator, where people are constantly looking outward and constantly looking inward to see where they can marry up projects and researchers and entrepreneurs, becomes a wonderful tool for this System. We're at the point now in our System where that becomes the next big step for us. Not just to continue the great things we're doing, but to showcase them in a way that people want to jump in with us."


Texas Tech milestones and successes

In the wide-ranging interview, Chancellor Mitchell discusses many of the milestones and successes for the Texas Tech University System in the past year. In addition, he details the Mental Health Institute's initiatives and innovations for patient care. Dr. Mitchell also explains what he calls "the West Texas culture of humility" as an obstacle facing Texas Tech and how to overcome that. 

Watch the Chancellor's interview with Campus Live in its entirety in the video box above. 

Chancellor Mitchell's Hustle

Pauda says having the opportunity to interview Chancellor Mitchell is an honor for his two-year-old company. "So many people, from politicians to recording artists, have agreed to be featured on Campus Live since we launched our startup at the Innovation Hub. This ranks right up there. Our company's mission is to inform and engage the Texas Tech community as a whole on everything we're proud of. I think from this interview you see Chancellor Mitchell's hustle to foster excellence and innovation is reflective of Texas Tech, West Texas, and Lubbock. His leadership and its impact are truly significant to everyone in our region," Pauda says.

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