Texas Tech University

Hangio, Launching TODAY!!!

TTU Office of Communications & Marketing

June 1, 2020

Hangio is an early-stage startup that transforms the everyday closet experience through practical, innovative and well-designed products.

After graduating from the Innovation Hub's Accelerator program, Ayodele Aigbe, a senior electrical engineering major at Texas Tech University gave greater attention to the company's product, materials, manufacturing and branding. The program gave her the skills to grow her business and prepare for today's launch. Hangio is now open for orders through its website, the hanger company is solving a problem that Aigbe identified in her dorm and inspires every student to start a business while in College.

"The Innovation Hub has supported me greatly," Aigbe said. "I have no idea where I would be without them. I am grateful for all the mentors who provided their expertise and advice to help me. This support has helped me grow and develop along my entrepreneurial journey. Since I started, I have gained product-development knowledge, leadership abilities and have grown in my strategic-thinking skills."

In order to prepare for Hangio's launch, Aigbe focused her efforts on marketing and manufacturing. A weeklong social media campaign was designed to build interest around the product and to form a stronger customer base. Aigbe had the innovated hangers shipped to Lubbock prior to the launch date and ensured that shipping material was prepared for orders.

In an effort to strengthen Hangio's marketing efforts, Aigbe grew her team to broaden the company's reach.

"I brought on a team member in October of last year to support our marketing efforts," said Aigbe. "She took the lead on designing our strategy and building partnerships. After the first team member graduated, I recently hired a digital marketing intern, and she is leading our digital-marketing and business-development efforts."

The idea of an all-in-one hanger became a reality with the company's launch on June 1.

"Naturally, we encountered delays due to external factors," said Aigbe. "However, it ended up working out, because we created a more solid go-to-market strategy. Secondly, our brand is vibrant, so the summer launch timing worked out very well."

She began her journey as an entrepreneur as a first-year student living in her residence hall. She remembers going to her closet to find that her favorite sweater had shoulder bumps that were nearly impossible to iron out. After speaking with other students living in her residence hall and friends who lived off-campus, she realized that closet organization was a frustration for many. Traditional hangers often left shoulder bumps, stretched out necklines or left clothes falling to the floor.

Thus, the idea for Hangio – a flexible, all-in-one hanger to revolutionize how clothes are stored – was born.

"I conducted many customer-discovery interviews to understand the problem," Aigbe said. "Once I validated the problem, I began participating in many pitch competitions across the U.S. to further validate the problem and solution. Once I garnered interest, I was able to raise money to help build the foundation of Hangio. I spent about a year taking the insight I had received to further develop the product."

During her time at Texas Tech, Aigbe has been involved with the Innovation Hub at Research Park. Aigbe has participated in several Innovation Hub programs, where she learned strategies to grow a successful business. She has connected with mentors in many fields who have provided guidance throughout her journey to entrepreneurship.

You also can follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.