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GISC is a farmer owned national data cooperative headquartered in Lubbock, TX. We provide producers worldwide with digital data tools through strategic partnerships that maximize production and efficiency in their farming operations. Seeing a need for producers to have a partner in navigating through the fast-growing world of ag technology, thus GISC was born.

We are the only producer owned organization in the world focusing solely on ag technology and data storage for the betterment of our member producers. With strategic partnerships with IBM and Main Street Data, we enable our member producers to have access to the most premier weather and data analytic platforms in the industry. Allowing our member producers to aggregate and benchmark their operational data with other member producers to make better on farm decisions year after year.

Our mission is for our member producers to get the most out of their data, as we look to revolutionize the agricultural industry, and bring the entire ag ecosystem closer together.

Founder - Billy Tiller