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Office of the Provost

We highly recommend that you visit the website for the Office of the Provost, particularly the Faculty Resources section for valuable information for new faculty.

Resources for Faculty & Staff

The Resources for Faculty & Staff page includes many of the resources provided below and offers direct links for faculty and staff related to general TTU news and information, employee services, TTU and Lubbock resources for the whole family, and other services.

Academic Calendar

The office of Official Publications provides Academic Calendars in a variety of formats including a Detailed Calendar, Calendar-at-a-Glance, One-Page Calendar and Detailed Calendar for Import into Microsoft Outlook, which provide important dates and deadlines for anything related to academics. They also provide links to the TTU Final Examination Schedule.

Creating an Effective Syllabus

How Do I Create an Effective Syllabus? is a whitepaper written by Allison Boye, a former Associate Director at the Teaching, Learning and Professional Development Center (TLPDC). Dr. Boye discusses topics such as the goals and functions of a syllabus, tips for writing effective learning outcome statements, and the required components of all TTU syllabi. She also provides an annotated list of additional resources on creating a syllabus.

What statements are required for TTU syllabi?

There are four required syllabus elements. Each faculty member should include in the course syllabus statements on university policy concerning academic honesty (OP 34.12, Grading Procedures, Including Academic Integrity), special accommodation for students with disabilities (OP 34.22, Establishing Reasonable Accommodation for Students with Disabilities), student absence for observance of a religious holy day (OP 34.19, Student Absence for Observance of Religious Holy Day), and accommodations for pregnant students (Title IX: Pregnancy and Parenting).

Where do I go if I have questions about teaching?

Aside from departmental resources and colleagues, the staff at the TLPDC is always happy to help address any questions you have about teaching at TTU. In addition, the consultants at the TLPDC have compiled a list of white papers which are designed to provide you with a quick and accessible resource for questions or issues such as “How Do I Evaluate and Respond to Student Writing?,” How Do I Address Learning Styles in My Course,” and “Communicating Effectively with Students.” These white papers can be found on the TLPDC homepage as TLPDC Teaching Resources.

How do I administer grades?

All grades are administered electronically through Raiderlink (description & additional links provided below) and can be accessed through the Faculty and Advisor Links under the Faculty tab. The Faculty and Advisor Links also includes forms for add/drop, change of grade, and incompletes. The current Incomplete Grade Policy does not allow faculty members teaching undergraduate courses to administer an “I” on Raiderlink. Undergraduate incompletes may only be assigned after approval by the Associate Dean and Registrar.

How do I set up Blackboard for my courses?

TTU Worldwide eLearning offers support for all faculty, staff, instructors, and teaching assistants using the Blackboard Course Management System. To set up your Blackboard course, please follow the Getting Started with Blackboard @ TTU provided by the Blackboard support team at TTU Worldwide eLearning. Should you have specific questions or if you would like help from the Instructional Design team, please visit the Instructional Design website for additional resources, or email the Instructional Design team for a consultation.

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