Texas Tech University

Howard Rodriguez-Mori, PhD

Associate Professor

About Me

Howard R. Mori is the Associate Professor of Library and Information Services. He arrived at Texas Tech after serving as the Open Educational Resources Coordinator and Associate Librarian at Florida International University and as an Assistant Professor of Library and Information Studies at Florida State University. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Howard's library career spans over 25 years serving in public and academic libraries, including the Orlando, FL Public Library, and the University of Arizona Libraries. After earning his Ph.D. in Library and Information Studies, he taught graduate courses in library and information services at the University of Denver, Simmons University in Boston, and Florida State University.


Howard's focus is on library and online information services. Since 2003, he has taught various graduate courses in that discipline, including Advance Database and Online Information Searches, Information Needs Assessment, Reference Services, Library Services in Medical, Science, and Business Libraries, Library Book and Information Collection Development, Multicultural Marketing & Technical Communications, and Cultural Competencies for Information Professionals.


Howard's main research interests are the information-seeking behaviors and communication patterns of diverse groups in the USA. For the past two years, he has conducted longitudinal research into the roles and influence of libraries, government, religious and non-profit agencies on Hurricane Maria survivors taking refuge in Central Florida. This study led to a comprehensive systematic review of hurricane-related post-traumatic stress syndrome research.


Howard has served as the President and Senior Advisor for REFORMA, the Library Association for Spanish-speaking Services. He has also served as a member of various Library, Information, and Communication associations, including the National, and International Communication Associations, the American Library Association, the Society for American Archivists, and the Association for Library and Information Science Education. He has also served as a member of editorial boards and a reviewer for refereed journals, including the Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, Library Quarterly, and Revista Interamericana de Bibliotecologia.