Texas Tech University

Marcelo Schmidt, PhD

Assistant Professor of Curriculum & Assessment

About Me

I am an educational psychologist with interests in curriculum development, program assessment, and data-use practices in higher education. I have a master's degree in Education from the University of Texas - Pan American and a PhD in educational psychology from Texas Tech University. I began my academic and professional career as an instructor of physical education and sport. After nearly ten years of teaching, I transitioned to the role of administrator and served as Senior Administrator for outcomes assessment in the TTU Office of Planning and Assessment and eventually, assumed the role of Director of Assessment, Accreditation, and Data for the TTU College of Education. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Curriculum & Assessment in the TTU School of Veterinary Medicine. I am married to Dafne and together we enjoy our garden, the outdoors, and traveling. All of these activities, of course, in the company of our two dogs, Kaede and Moroco


My teaching areas are in social science research methods and social science statistics where the end-goal is to understand human behavior in social contexts and environments.


My early research centered on issues of child development and education. More recently I have shifted my focus to study assessment of student learning and data-use practices within educational organizations. Whether it is developing a curriculum, adopting an assessment instrument, or creating dashboards, I seek to understand how people, processes, and tools interact productively and meaningfully in support of continuous organizational improvement.


My primary service venue is the TTU School of Veterinary Medicine where I collaborate with faculty, the Director of Assessment, and the Senior Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, John Dascanio, on curriculum development and implementation. I prepare and deliver professional development activities conducive to effective teaching practices, assessment and measurement of student learning, and an enhanced culture of evidence and accountability to achieve the goals of our competency-based education.