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Global Component

Global Component

In today's globalized wind energy job market, students who are exposed to a foreign language, participate in a study abroad program, or gain job experience through an internship with an international company are considered more marketable and competitive. Students will choose from the following global component options:

International Internship Option:

Complete an approved internship with an international company, either in the U.S. or abroad, related to the wind energy field. Two hundred hours of job related experience and a written report are required to earn 3 credit hours of internship credit. Internships should be completed during the student's junior or senior year of coursework. Instructor approval required.

Study Abroad Option:

Complete an approved study abroad experience through the International Cultural Center, a Texas Tech approved reciprocal exchange program, or faculty-led program. Students must enroll in and successfully complete 3-6 credit hours of coursework with a grade of C or better to satisfy the global component. Departmental consent required. 




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