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The Residential Tutoring program is designed to provide academic services for students living in the residence halls at Texas Tech University. Residential Tutoring is a completely free service provided for all on-campus students during convenient hours and close to home.

Subjects Offered

Residential Tutors (RTs) provide peer tutoring in subjects that residence hall students struggle with the most frequently, according to campus data. These areas of study are:

  • Chemistry (1307 and 1308)
  • Math (1351 and 1352)
  • Writing (in any subject area)
  • Political Science (1301)
  • History (2300 and 2301)
  • Biology (1403)
  • Physics (1403 and 1408)

Hours and Locations

Residential Tutoring is available during the Academic Year Sunday through Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. at the following locations:

  • Bledsoe, Gordon, Sneed: Tutoring lounge on the 1st floor of Bledsoe
  • Horn/Knapp: Tutoring lounge on the 1st floor of Knapp
  • Chitwood/Weymouth, Coleman: Tutoring lounge in the Learning Center
  • Stangel/Murdough: Basement in front of the hall office
  • Wall/Gates: Study lounge on the 2nd floor of Gates
  • Hulen/Clement: Study lounge on the 2nd floor of Hulen
  • Murray: 1st floor lounge

If these times do not fit your schedule, The Learning Center, based out of Support Operations for Academic Retention (SOAR), has tutors available during regular business hours. Please contact them at (806) 742-3664 for more information.


The fall 2019 tutoring schedule will be posted on August 26th.

Please contact Katie Ericson to get specific subject and schedule information.

Contact Information

For more information about Residential Tutoring, please contact:

  • Katie Ericson, Manager for Academic Initiatives
  • (806) 834-0106
  • Alex Kissel, Graduate Assistant for Residence Education and Academic Programs
  • (806) 834-8813

Tutoring Session Tracking

For information about becoming a Residential Tutor, please visit our Residential Tutor Employment information page.