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Does the science of developing food for the astronauts sound exciting? What if you could help children around the globe get the nourishment they need to be healthy? Would you like to learn how to grow crops that are good for the environment? Maybe you're more of a communicator. Could you use your creativity to direct an advertising campaign as memorable as "Got Milk?" Or your leadership experience to lobby congress in Washington, D.C.?


Why Tech?

For Travis O'Quinn, an animal science major from League City, Texas, the answer was easy.

Travis appreciates the experience he has gained on the wool and meat judging teams. Hands-on undergraduate research has prepared him for graduate school.

"You're just not a number here. The professors want to know you. I've never had a class in the Davis College where the professor didn't know who I was."

- Travis O'Quinn, animal science major, League City, Texas


  • The Davis College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources annually awards $1.5 million in scholarships.

  • Study abroad programs for agriculture and food sciences students include the Royal Agriculture College in Cirencester, England, and the Gardens of Europe study tour.

Classroom knowledge is applied in the field at university-owned facilities including:

  • An equestrian center that allows collaboration between departments, like the Principles of Hippotherapy class in which agriculture and physical therapy students use horses for therapy for people with disabilities

  • 900-acre farm, feedmill and feedlot for teaching and research

  • 2,300-acre ranch just 55 miles from campus

  • The Rawls Golf Course for turf management experience

Colleges and Majors

Here are the colleges that have majors in Agriculture and Food Science:

  • Agribusiness International Agribusiness

  • Agricultural & Applied Economics International Agribusiness

  • Agricultural & Applied Economics/ General Business (dual) International Agribusiness

  • Agricultural Communications

  • Agricultural Education Agricultural Leadership, Teacher Certification

  • Animal Science Business, Companion Animal Science (Pre-Vet), Animal Production (Pre-Nursing), Equine Assisted Therapy, Equine Production, Equine Science, Meat Science, Science (Pre-Vet, Pre-Professional Health), Pre-Veterinary

  • Conservation Law Enforcement Requires AA or AS degree in Criminal Justice

  • Food Science Science, Industry

  • Landscape Architecture Accelerated Bachelors & Masters

  • Natural Resources Management Conservation Science, Fisheries Biology, Range Conservation, Ranch Management, Wildlife Biology

  • Plant & Soil Science Crop Science, Environmental Soil and Water Science, Horticultur and Turf Science, Local Food & Wine Production, Viticulture and Enology

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

  • Nutrition Nutrition, Pre-Professional Health, Teacher Certification (8th-12th)

  • Nutritional Sciences & Dietetics

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

Many majors in agriculture and food sciences provide excellent preparation for professional schools or advanced study. If you choose pre-law, pre-med or another pre-professional program, advisors in the academic colleges and University Advising at Texas Tech can help you decide which degree is right for your talents and interests.

  • Honors Sciences & the Humanities

    If you're looking for more in your college experience, the Honors College lets you spend time in and out of class with others who share your passion for learning. Specialized courses, undergraduate research, early registration and an Honors residence hall community compliment the outstanding instruction you'll receive from expert faculty.

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