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Health, Life, & Natural Sciences

From human health to hurricanes, you can use your interest in science to make the world a better place.


Why Tech?

You'll discover your passion and realize your potential, like Jaclyn Cañas, BS/Zoology, 2001, PhD/Environmental Toxicology, 2005. Jaclyn always knew she would become a doctor, but her journey wasn't quite what she expected. Instead of medical school, Jaclyn chose a PhD program after encouragement from a faculty mentor led her to discover a special talent for research. She even took her research abroad, studying reptiles in Belize.

""My undergraduate mentor, Dr. Todd Anderson, definitely influenced my career decision. His confidence in me and encouragement really shaped me into the scientist and teacher that I am today.""

- Jaclyn Cañas, BA '01, PhD '05


  • Texas Tech offers you the opportunity to have transformational experiences through undergraduate research or early acceptance to medical school programs through the Honors College.

  • Hands-on experience is accessible in courses, internships, jobs and volunteer positions at our Health Sciences Center, also located in Lubbock.

  • Field and laboratory courses test your classroom knowledge in real-life settings.

  • Texas Tech's location is just a short drive from canyons that expose unique geological sequences.

  • Springtime in Lubbock presents perfect conditions for observing thunderstorms and other active weather events.

  • A university-owned observatory near campus provides excellent viewing of the wide West Texas night skies.

Colleges and Majors

Here are the colleges that have majors in Health, Life & Natural Sciences:

If you are preparing for a career in health care, Pre-Professional Health advisors can provide resources to help you choose your major, complete prerequisites, prepare for entrance tests and submit applications. You can be admitted with a designation such as pre-med or pre-pharmacy without having to choose a specific major right away.

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

  • Anthropology

  • Biochemistry

  • Biology Ecology & Environmental Biology, Premedical Health Sciences

  • Cell & Molecular Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Geography & the Environment

  • Geosciences Environmental Geology, Environmental Science, Geology, Geophysics

  • Kinesiology

  • Microbiology

  • Physics Applied Physics, Astrophysics, Professional

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

  • Animal Science Business, Companion Animal Science (Pre-Vet), Animal Production (Pre-Nursing), Equine Assisted Therapy, Equine Production, Equine Science, Meat Science, Science (Pre-Vet, Pre-Professional Health), Pre-Veterinary

  • Conservation Law Enforcement Requires AA or AS degree in Criminal Justice

  • Food Science Science, Industry

  • Natural Resources Management Conservation Science, Fisheries Biology, Range Conservation, Ranch Management, Wildlife Biology

  • Plant & Soil Science Crop Science, Environmental Soil and Water Science, Horticultural and Turf Science, Local Food & Wine Production, Viticulture and Enology

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

  • Nutritional Sciences & Dietetics

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

  • Honors Sciences & the Humanities

    If you're looking for more in your college experience, the Honors College lets you spend time in and out of class with others who share your passion for learning. Specialized courses, undergraduate research, early registration and an Honors residence hall community compliment the outstanding instruction you'll receive from expert faculty.

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

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