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The possibilities are as endless as the horizon.

You went green a long time ago. The environment and things that affect it are important to you. Whether you want to make a difference through science, art or something in between, you can find the major that's right for you. Prepare for a career in environmental law, documentary film-making or wildlife biology.


Why Tech?

Your talent will be recognized and nurtured, like Wyman Meinzer BS/Wildlife Management, 1974, who credits his Texas Tech professors with helping him set goals and achieve his dream. Wyman's career as a wildlife photographer includes photos published in Time, Newsweek, Field and Stream and National Geographic. He also teaches photography at Texas Tech, including a field course in Junction, Texas.

"I encourage students looking for an open-minded, energetic approach to education to give Texas Tech a chance."

- Wyman Meinzer, BS '74


You'll learn while doing with experiences like these:

  • Research the effects of pollution on crocodiles in the wild in Belize or Cuba.

  • Study the wildlife in the playa lakes of the High Plains.

  • Take a summer course in biology, photography or art at the Texas Tech Center in Junction, Texas.

  • Your classroom is the Hill Country landscape.

  • Master nature drawing and painting skills in classes like Bones, Beetles, Birds.

Colleges and Majors

Here are the colleges that have majors in Natural Resources & the Environment.

  • Conservation Law Enforcement

  • Food Science Science, Industry

  • Landscape Architecture

  • Natural Resources Management Conservation Science, Fisheries Biology, Range Conservation, Ranch Management, Wildlife Biology

  • Plant and Soil Sciences Crop Science, Environmental Soil and Water Science, Horticultur and Turf Science, Local Food and Wine Production, Viticulture and Enology

  • Pre-Veterinary

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

  • Biochemistry

  • Biology Ecology & Environmental Biology, Premedical Health Sciences

  • Geography and the Environment

  • Geosciences Environmental Geology, Enironmental Science, Geology, Geophysics

  • Renewable Energy

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

  • Honors Sciences and the Humanities

    If you're looking for more in your college experience, the Honors College lets you spend time in and out of class with others who share your passion for learning. Specialized courses, undergraduate research, early registration and an Honors residence hall community compliment the outstanding instruction you'll receive from expert faculty.

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

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