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Student Spotlight: Sarah Moses

Sarah Moses

Name: Sarah Moses; Location: Costa Rica; Program: Tropical Ecology and Conservation; Timeframe: July 11-August 1, 2017; Major: Natural Resources Management; Classification: Senior; Hometown: Pearsall, Texas

  • My Experience: I loved every bit of it. From the places we visited to the awesome students I got to be in a bus with for 3 weeks, I enjoyed experiencing the Costa Rican culture and getting to learn about tropical ecology in a tropical rainforest.
  • Why Go: Be up close and personal with animals and birds that you read about in books and see at zoos! I decided to enroll on a last minute whim and I am so thankful I did. Dr. Perry and Dr. Griffis-Kyle were incredible professors that got you out of your comfort zone and made the trip a very educational and memorable experience.
  • Any Advice: Embrace and have an open mind about a country that is so different than the United States. Refresh a little bit on the language before you go and talk to people that you meet along the way.
  • Favorite Part: Getting to see an “arribada,” where hundreds of sea turtles arrive to lay eggs on the beach at the same time.
  • Looking Ahead: Almost a year and a half later, I am still applying the educational and life lessons I learned from the program and my professors today. It has helped me decide on a career to pursue in the environmental field.

This faculty-led program is an introductory survey of tropical ecology and conservation which will cover both theory and practice. It gives students firsthand experience with the challenges of accomplishing conservation goals in tropical ecosystems in developing countries. The class is taught abroad in a country struggling with meeting the everyday needs of its people for clean water, sufficient food, and basic education while also trying to conserve tropical ecosystems.

CONTACT: Cindy Akers, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Programs, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Texas Tech University at (806) 742-2808 or cindy.akers@ttu.edu

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