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Diversify Your Learning

CASNR students are encouraged to integrate study abroad into their overall academic experience. Studying abroad can be affordable for students who plan ahead and take time to research costs and scholarship opportunities. So, it's never too early to plan. Regardless of your academic path, you'll be enriched by time spent in another country.

Student Spotlight

Leslie Batenhorst

Name: Leslie Batenhorst; Location: Sevilla, Spain; Program: Spanish Wine & Tourism in Sevilla, Spain; Timeframe: May 18-May 31, 2019; Major: Animal Science; Classification: Junior; Hometown: Dalhart, Texas >>more

Kaylynn Kiker

Name: Kaylynn Kiker; Location: Thailand; Program: Leadership Development and Agricultural Experiences in Thailand; Timeframe: July 21-Aug. 12, 2018; Major: Animal Science; Classification: Senior; Hometown: Allison, Texas >>more

Sarah Moses

Name: Sarah Moses; Location: Costa Rica; Program: Tropical Ecology and Conservation; Timeframe: July 11-August 1, 2017; Major: Natural Resources Management; Classification: Senior; Hometown: Pearsall, Texas >>more

Kloe Burris

Name: Kloe Burris; Location: Honduras; Program: Global Business Brigades; Timeframe: May 24-30, 2018; Major: Agricultural & Applied Economics; Classification: Senior; Hometown: Poteet, Texas >>more

Sarah Spradlin

Name: Sarah Spradlin; Location: China; Program: Economic Policy and Agribusiness in China; Timeframe: May 15-29, 2018; Major: Agricultural & Applied Economics; Classification: Junior; Hometown: Granbury, Texas >>more, >>video

Dillin Parsons

Name: Dillin Parsons; Location: Australia/New Zealand; Program: Faculty Lead Agricultural Tour of Australia and New Zealand; Timeframe: May-June (2018); Major: Natural Resource Management/ Pre-Vet; Classification: Senior; Hometown: Abilene, Texas >>more

Rachel Rush

Name: Rachel Rush; Location: France/Germany; Program: Faculty-Led Agricultural Education Study Abroad; Timeframe: May 23-June 6, 2016; Major: Agricultural Communications; Classification: Senior; Hometown: Lubbock, Texas >>more

Jacob Howle

Name: Jacob Howle; Location: Seville, Spain; Program: TTU Center in Sevilla; Timeframe: January-May (2017); Major: Agricultural Communications; Classification: Junior; Hometown: Idalou, Texas >>more

Saicy Lytle

Name: Saicy Lytle; Location: Nicaragua; Program: Developing Youth Leadership Organizations in Nicaragua; Timeframe: May 17-Jun. 1, 2017; Major: Agricultural Communications; Classification: Senior; Hometown: Anson, Texas >>more

Shelby Young

Name: Shelby Young; Location: South Africa/Zimbabwe; Program: International Soil Classification Congress (South Africa); Mapping locations for future study abroad program (Zimbabwe); Timeframe: December 2016; Major: Plant and Soil Science; Classification: Graduate Student; Hometown: Plainview, Texas >>more