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Degrees Awarded Fall 2014

Spanish Doctoral


Jonathan Morgan Deen

Dissertation Title -"La Nueva Novela Caballeresca de Ana María Matute"
Committee Chair - Genaro Pérez
Committee CoChair - Janet Pérez
Committee Members - Antonio Ladeira, Jorge Zamora

Master of Arts Languages & Cultures – Applied Linguistics

Larissa Canterle Caye
Serena Mangano
Jordan N. Powell

Master of Arts Languages & Cultures- German

Bettina Christner
Mitchell B. Gries
Jeremy D. Hogan

Master of Arts Romance Languages - French

Gorgui I. Tall
Mohamed Sambi Ibrahim

Master of Arts Romance Languages - Spanish

Maria Luz E. Bateman
Geazul Hernandez

Graduate Certification Program – Teaching English in International Context

Bettina Christner

Graduate Candidates who Completed Comprehensive Exams

  • Maria Bateman – MA Spanish
  • Jordan Powell – MA ApLing
  • Larissa Caye – MA ApLing
  • Serena Mangano – MA ApLing
  • Bettina Christner – MA German
  • Geazul Hernandez – MA Spanish
  • Mitchell Gries – MA German
  • Omar Corral – PhD Spanish
  • Jeremy Hogan – MA German
  • Dora Aranda – PhD Spanish
  • Ibrahim Sambi – MA French
  • John Baron –PhD Spanish (Summer 2014)
  • Ibrahima Tall – MA French
  • Irina Mozuliova – PhD Spanish

BA French

Jacquelyn C. Haltom

BA LACU- German

Kristen E. Weasenforth

BA Spanish

  • Zachary Brandner
  • Quinton Calloway
  • Jorge Cruz
  • April Gallegos
  • Jerardo Gonzalez
  • Kyle Kuby
  • Natalia Lara
  • Omar Lopez-Jacobo
  • Hannah Meadows
  • Valerie Molina
  • Zachary Montandon
  • Jose Olmos
  • Alyssa Rodriguez
  • Katie Schwartz
  • Kristen Valenzuela
  • 2nd Annual Best of Arts and Sciences Faculty Awards or Recognition

    On September 18th, several CMLL faculty were recognized at the 2nd annual Best of Arts and Sciences in the Mackenzie-Merket Center.


    Diego Pascual y Cabo - Russ Campbell Young Scholar Award, National Heritage Language Research Center
    Christopher L. Witmore - National Humanities Center Fellowship
    Julian Perez - Medal of Recognition for his lifelong study of the Nicaraguan National Poet


    Belinda Kleinhans, German -New Faculty
    Starra Priestaff, French - New Faculty
    Janet Perez - Retiring Faculty

    John Beusterien Receives Award: Best Collaborative Project, 2014


    John Beusterien, Associate Professor of Spanish and Director of the Comparative Literature program received the "Best Collaborative Project, 2014" from the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women for his co-edited collection, "Touching the Ground: Female Footwear in the Early Modern Hispanic World", a special issue of Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies.

    "This compelling interdisciplinary collection stands out for its productive reassessment of early modern women through shoes and their influence. Footwear, a seemingly prosaic topic, opens up bodily, material, social, political, and cross-cultural worlds. Moving with and beyond material culture, the introduction and the essays bring forward powerful insights by working across and between categories, disciplines, cultures, genders, and orientations. In terms of currency, theoretical sophistication, methodological interest, and global perspective, this collection has it all." – Society for the Study of Early Modern Women

    Carole Edwards' Presentation and Dedication at the United States Air Force Academy


    Left-to-right: Maj Nathan Vosters, CS-01, Dr. Carole Edwards, C1C Alisha Maskarenas, CS-01, C1C Charles Apt, CS-01, TSgt Sarah Allen, CS-01

    On September 9th, former USAFA French professor Dr. Carole Edwards (Texas Tech University) gave two thought-provoking presentations related to her newly published book: Le sacrifice dans les littératures francophone. The idea for the book sprung from her 2009 Olmsted trip to Senegal that she took with four USAFA cadets. She dedicated the book to the memory of one of her former USAFA students, J.T. Rice (Class of 2010, CS-01) who passed away in 2011 while pursuing his Masters in French at Texas Tech University. Dr. Edwards presented a copy of her book to the current CS-01 AOC, Major Nathan Vosters. The presentation of Dr. Edwards' book, Le sacrifice dans les littératures francophone to Maj Nathan Vosters, CS-01, Dr. Carole Edwards, C1C Alisha Maskarenas, CS-01 , C1C Charles Apt, CS-01, and TSgt Sarah Allen, CS-01.

    Nakatsukasa Receives Grant from Language Learning's Small Grant Research Program


    Kimi Nakatsukasa, Assistant Professor in the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures, received a $10,000 grant from Language Learning's Small Grant Research Program. This grant will fund her joint project, "Gestures and Acquisition of Prepositions by L2 Learners," which investigates the role of embodiment in the conceptualizations of prepositions by second language learners.

    Priestaf Receives Annual Grant for the Tournées Festival


    Starra Priestaf, Assistant Professor of French in the Department of Classical & Modern Languages and Literatures, received a $2,200 grant from the FACE Foundation in partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, for the Tournées Festival. The grant will fund an on-campus film festival dedicated to French and Francophone cinema in the spring of 2015.

    Continuing Appointments for CMLL Instructors


    Marlen Selker


    Lori Mallory

    Congratulations to Dr. Marlen Selker and Lori Mallory who received continuing appointments in the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures. "We are very fortunate to have such committed instructors in CMLL." - Dr. Collopy, Chair

    Miller Awarded the Governor-General's Academic Gold Medal


    In October, Peter Miller, Visiting Professor of Classics, was awarded the Governor-General's Academic Gold Medal in recognition of his graduate career at the University of Western Ontario, where he was awarded a PhD in June of 2014. The Gold Medal is the Canadian government's highest academic honor for graduate studies (the Governor-General is Canada's head of state), and only three students per year, across all faculties and departments, at the University of Western Ontario are awarded this medal.

    The citation reads as follows: "The academic leaders who put your nomination forward were struck not only by your outstanding academic and research excellence, but by the exceptional personal talents you have displayed in your collaborations with colleagues, and in your contributions to the development of new knowledge in Canada and abroad."

    Cattell Presents at the Annual Conference of German Studies


    Allison Cattell, Instructor of German, presented a paper entitled, "Physical Violence and Discursive Violence in Three Expressionist Plays: Critiques of Militarism and Rehabilitation as Disabling Discourses" at the 36th Annual Conference of the German Studies Association in Kansas City, Missouri on September 21st, 2014.

    Graduate Candidates in Applied Linguistics Assist with TTU Ethics Center Writing Workshop


    Dustin Florence & Jared Travis

    Dustin Florence and Jared Travis, Master of Arts candidates in Languages & Cultures - Applied Linguistics, volunteered as tutors at a writing workshop hosted by the TTU Ethics Center on October 7. The workshop was designed to improve paraphrasing skills and develop strategies for plagiarism prevention.

    Graduate Students Win First Place at the 2014 Texas Tech, Arts & Humanities Conference

    Josh De La Rosa (PhD in Spanish, Linguistics) recently received a first place presentation award at the 2014 Texas Tech, Arts & Humanities Conference! His work looks at the role of gestural corrective feedback on the acquisition of Spanish voiceless stops.
    We also would like to extend this to Jared Travis (MA in Applied Linguistics) who collaborated with him on the project. Congratulations, Josh and Jared!

    Beretta Wins Inspiration Award at Teacher Appreciation Game


    On November 5th, the Texas Tech Women's Volleyball team hosted their Teacher Appreciation game. Instructor Beretta was nominated by Breann David, TTU volleyball player, and awarded the "Inspiration" award during half-time at the TTU-UT volleyball game in the United Supermarkets Spirit Arena. Wreck 'em Beretta!

    CMLL Spanish Program Presents at the Mid-America Conference on Hispanic Literatures


    The CMLL Spanish Department was successfully represented at the Mid-America Conference on Hispanic Literatures (MACHL) at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI on October 9-12. A faculty member, four current graduate students, and three CMLL alumni presented their papers in seven different panels. Dr. Carmen Pereira-Muro presented a paper titled "Los caminos profundos: tiempo y modernidad en La madre naturaleza de Emilia Pardo Bazán," Dora Grisel Aranda read a paper under the title "El silencio en "La salud de los enfermos" de Julio Cortázar," Yesenia Blanco gave a talk about "La creación de una comunidad imaginaria a través de la prensa en La tribuna de Emilia Pardo Bazán," Yuriko Ikeda presented her paper titled "La España Zombie: el surgimiento y la lucha de los muertos vivientes por conquistar España," Sabrina Laroussi presented "Víctima o heroína: cuando no queda de otra que ser sicaria o prepago. Un análisis sicológico de los trastornos de personalidad de Rosario y Catalina," Juan Morilla read a paper titled "El Atahualpa ajedrecista: una observación a la negación de Olaf Holm," Irina Mozuliova talked about "La venganza de la bella durmiente en Un noviazgo de Carmen Laforet," and Iñaki Prádanos presented "De-growth and Ecological Economics in 21st-Century Spain: Toward a Posthuman Economy." The Texas Tech "crew" enjoyed both the vibrant academic event and the sunny weather that "dressed" the city in the most gorgeous fall colors.

    Ruiz Presents at Tierra Tinta Conference, University of Oklahoma


    Trilce Ruiz, Spanish PhD. candidate, presented a paper entitled, "Mario Conde: Ontogenia y Filogenia de una desesperanza inducida" at the Tierra Tinta 2014 Conference at University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma October 22-24. Leonardo Padura Fuentes, one of Cuba's well-known contemporary writers and journalists and keynote speaker at the conference, took the time to meet and answer questions from Ruiz, then had a surprise attendance at her presentation.

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