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CMLL Sharpens TTU Advisors' Knowledge on the TTU Foreign Language Programs




On October 1st, CMLL hosted an ice cream social/meeting with TTU Advisors from across numerous disciplines. Academic advisors whetted their interest in foreign languages through presentations on the importance of learning languages and with a general overview of the courses offered by the department while enjoying delicious ice cream sundaes and fresh fruit. Special attention was given to the array of CMLL courses that fulfill the core requirements for Language, Philosophy & Culture, Creative Arts, and Multicultural.



Dr. Erin Collopy, CMLL Chair, along with faculty members Drs. Hannah Friedman, Charles Grair and Starra Priestaf honed the advisors' knowledge of TTU CMLL language programs in providing detailed course descriptions.

CMLL Recruits at TTU University Day






On October 13th, CMLL participated in Texas Tech's University Day held in the United Supermarkets Spirit Arena for high school students and parents from around Texas and New Mexico. CMLL whetted the visitors' appetites for language knowledge through games and discussions of the 14 language programs offered by the department.

Students and parents had the opportunity to discuss the importance of studying foreign languages and how they relate to all disciples of study through the lens of global economy. CMLL faculty and advisors presented the foreign language majors and minors as well as the faculty-led study abroad opportunities available to students at Texas Tech.

Majors & Minors Fair


On October 29th, the Office of the Provost: Division of Undergraduate Education & Student Affairs Transition & Engagement hosted the 2nd annual M & M Fair (Majors & Minors Fair).

The McKenzie –Merket Alumni Center boasted the likes of a candy shop and pedagogical buffet where students gratified not only their taste buds from the array of sweets beautifully displayed but also supersized their knowledge about the array of majors and minors that are offered at Texas Tech and in the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures. Students had the opportunity to meet with CMLL faculty, advisors, and peers and discover opportunities to study abroad, for interesting career paths while learning the logistics of majoring or minoring in foreign language.





Spanish Heritage Speakers Recruitment Event



On October 30th, graduate students Dora Aranda, Josh de la Prada and Trilce Ruiz (supervised by Dr. Diego Pascual) organized a breakfast social to inform the Texas Tech bilingual student body about the benefits of taking courses on "Spanish as a Heritage Language". The event was a great success as over 100 undergraduate students stopped by to have "café con leche y pan dulce" while discussing the benefits of taking "Spanish as a Heritage Language".

With initiatives like this one, we join a growing number of departments across the country that recognize the different needs of the heritage speaker population as opposed to those of the more traditional second language learners. Our ultimate goal is to provide a supportive and effective learning environment that not only considers the bilingual/bicultural background of our diverse student body but also to foster and encourage its development.


German High School Students from Roswell, New Mexico Visit the German Program


On November 4th eight seniors and the German teacher from Roswell, New Mexico visited the German program at Texas Tech. The students were welcomed by the German faculty and advisor and then observed a GERM 1507 class.


Next, the students explored the Texas Tech campus with all its amenities and enjoyed lunch before coming back to CMLL where a presentation of the BA in Languages and Cultures with a concentration in German was given. After a full day of activities their visit ended with the students sampling of the delicious German foods prepared for the German Top Chef Contest by current German students.


CMLL Spanish Faculty and Special Guest, Dr. Juan Muñoz, Promote Texas Tech at the National University in Mexico City



In September, Professors Genaro Pérez and Jorge Zamora, and Dr. Rodrigo Pereyra were at the National University of Mexico in Mexico City to promote Texas Tech, CMLL and the Spanish Program. The trip was part of an effort to identify and recruit potential candidates for the Spanish Graduate MA and PhD Programs. Dr. Juan Muñoz went as a special guest to represent and promote Texas Tech.

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