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Fall 2014 Study Abroad in Seville, Spain


During the fall semester Drs. Lorum Stratton (Spanish Conversation), and John Beusterien (Spanish Literature and Culture) taught at the TTU Center in Sevilla. Beginning Spanish was taught by Jesús David Rámirez. The Spanish classes are intensive in nature and, with the exception of the Spanish Internship, met daily until the middle of October, when they transitioned into a second set of Spanish classes.

Parque María Luisa, Seville


In November, Dr. Beusterien's Spanish Literature class took a trip to the Parque María Luisa, an enormous botanical garden across from the Plaza de España. The students had to find the dedicatory monument to one of Sevilla's great romantic poets, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, which is housed in the park. The "Glorieta de Bécquer," as the monument is called, depicts three women who each represent the desire to find love, the joy of being in love and the pain of love lost (see picture below). Some of the students reenacted the iconic poem by taking the positions of the statues!



Flamenco Tradition Presentation


A local Flamenco group came to the TTU Center and presented a very interesting and informative history of this Spanish past-time. The artists explained and performed all three facets of the Flamenco tradition: song (cantaor), guitar (tocaor) and dance (bailaor). At the end of the class the dance performer taught the students the local Sevillano version of Flamenco, Sevillanas. She had just about everyone dancing!

Spring 2015 TTU Center, Seville, Spain - Scarborough's Perspectives on Study Abroad

As I am about to embark on my third semester at Texas Tech's Center in Sevilla, I'd like to share with you some of my impressions of our programs there. The semester-length programs are devoted to instruction in Spanish language, literature, history, and culture. Most of the students come from Texas Tech but we often have some students from other universities as well. Students live with host families, many of whom have been housing our students for many years. Our wonderful on-sight staffers, Jonathan Deen and Sara Pink, have carefully selected and screened families that contribute in very positive ways to the students' experience in Sevilla. Classes are generally held from 9:15-12:30 daily, except for some Fridays when the group takes off for exciting excursions in Spain. These include trips to the nearby Roman ruins in Itálica and the cities and sites of Córdoba, Granada, La Rábida, Almargo, Toledo, Madrid, and Segovia. In Sevilla, the group visits the cathedral, the largest Gothic structure in the world, the royal palace, or Alcázar, the Art Museum, and attends a bull-fight. In the first half of the semester, students also meet weekly with tutors. These are mostly college students from Sevilla who spend time in the evenings with several students, showing them favorite cafes or other spots where young locals hang out and practice their language skills. It's a busy time for the students, but they find time to travel around the rest of Spain and Europe on their free weekends and bring back great stories of their adventures. For my part, as the Tech professor accompanying the group, I am always amazed to observe not only how quickly their language abilities improve but how they mature and grow as individuals. They say that a study abroad experience changes you for life and this is certainly true for the students in the Sevilla program. They not only expand their cultural horizons but they discover new and exciting things about themselves that might not have been revealed without this experience abroad. It instills in them a love of travel, curiosity about new people and new places, and a constructive restlessness that does not allow them to be content with the familiarity of their "comfort zones." Connie L. Scarborough, Professor, Spanish

SUMMER 2015 Study Abroad Faculty-Led Programs

Binchester, England- Under the direction of Drs. Lavigne and Witmore – June 28-July 25, 2015



This program is a four week international field school focused on the archaeological excavation of the Roman Fort of Binchester in the North of England. Texas Tech students, alongside students from more than 45 countries and institutions around the world, spend four weeks excavating, processing artifacts, and visiting key archaeological sites in the area of the Hadrian's Wall frontier zone. Student accommodations are located in St. John's College in the middle of the old castle of Durham, England across from its world-famous Cathedral. For more information contact Drs. Chris Witmore at Christopher.witmore@ttu.edu or Don Lavigne at don.lavigne@ttu.edu

Summer in Reims, France - Dr. Carole Edwards, Director - May 29-June 29, 2015



The Reims-based study abroad program offers TTU students an opportunity to live in a beautiful French university town and take French classes taught by a Texas Tech professor. Students can earn 6 hours of credit toward the foreign language requirement and the French major and minor. Students will house at the International Cultural Center. In addition to classes, students will participate in area excursions. An optional weekend excursion to Deauville, Normandy is available this year. The program is open to all TTU students. For program details, contact Dr. Carole Edwards.

"Studying abroad was an experience unlike any other. I had the opportunity to meet and study with students from all over the world, travel to many of the countries in Western Europe, and immerse myself in a culture that's so unlike my own. I grew academically, personally, and professionally. I never expected to have the experience that I did or to take advantage of the opportunities that I was afforded through this program. Munich is a gorgeous city with a rich history, and I'm looking forward to the day I return to what I now consider to be my second home." - Courtney Fry,

Summer in Munich, Germany - Dr. Charles Grair, Director - May 24-June 26, 2015



German students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in German in one of the most beautiful and culturally-rich cities. Students will be housed with host families. Students will earn 6 credit hours for two courses: a language course taught at your level (second year and beyond) and a culture course taught by a TTU faculty member. Coursework counts towards the foreign language requirement, the German major and minor. The program is open to all TTU students who have completed at least GERM 1502/1507 by the end of spring 2015. For program information, please contact Dr. Charles Grair (charles.grair@ttu.edu).

"Studying abroad in Munich, Germany was amazing. I got to experience the culture through the food, language, several museums and castles, and just living with a host family and exploring the city. Munich has a charm about it that makes you feel like you're in a small town but in reality it is quite large. I enjoyed all the nature in and around the city. The Englische Garten is a fun place to lounge around and people watch or drink in the beer garden. However, most of my favorite experiences abroad were at the tops of mountains, whether at one of the many castles I visited or Hohensalzburg Festung, it was so rewarding to ascend a mountain and look down at the beautiful view which I had never experienced before. I also enjoyed visiting the museums. My favorite was the Neue Pinakothek because I already liked 18th and 19th century art more than other periods but I discovered a few new favorite painters, Gabriel von Max and Franz von Stuck, while there. Overall I had a blast and learned a lot." – Kristen Weasenforth

New Study Abroad in Italy – Director, Instructor Francesca Beretta – Summer 2: June 26-July 25, 2015



Texas Tech and the Italian Department are thrilled to announce the NEW faculty-led Summer Program in Calabria, Italy. Calabria, on the southern tip of Italy, boasts unforgettable vistas across rugged mountains, vast golden wheat fields and age-old olive trees that grow as tall as eucalyptus. Step back into history when you visit ancient Greek and Roman ruins. Cultural events abound from local festivals, to traditional parties with meals and music, and lectures by prominent Italian and international scholars. While in Italy, students will have the chance to earn up to 9 credits that will count towards the Italian minor. Time outside of class will engage students in cultural excursions including: cooking labs, interaction with the local people, museum visits, movie nights, conferences and seminars, and a one week trip to 2 additional regions in Italy: Basilicata and Puglia.. Tours will be conducted of the following: Calabria, archaeological sites, beautiful Byzantine churches and medieval towns. If interested, students will have the option to visit Rome before the start of the program for an additional fee.

For more information please contact Francesca Beretta

Mexico Field Course – Directors, Drs. Steve Corbett and Jorge Zamora - May 30-July 3, 2015



Texas Tech, and the Spanish program of CMLL Department are thrilled to announce the return of the Mexico Field Course (MFC). This excellent program provides a fast-paced, well-balanced experience, including total immersion while living with a host Mexican family in San Luis Potosí (Spanish language tutors provided as a part of the language courses); opportunities to attend theater, movies, concerts, sporting events, as well as to enjoy various sports and socializing at a sports club. Visits and stays at historical and archeological sites in Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Playa del Carmen and the pyramids of CHICHEN ITZA; a six hours of upper-level Spanish (3300 and/or 4300) toward a minor or major. For program information contact Drs. Jorge Zamora or Steve Corbett.

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