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Study Abroad 2016- The Future is Global!

Archaeology in Italy


Four Texas Tech undergraduate students will join Dr. Hannah Friedman in an archaeological excavation of a Roman town in northern Italy during Summer2, from July 12-August 12, 2016. Taking part in a multi-year project with plans for expansion in the future, students will participate in the first phase, a geophysical survey of the site in the area of Libarna which is located along an important trade route. Libarna was first settled in the 6th century BCE by the Liguri, an indigenous Gallic people in norther Italy. The settlement became a Roman colony in the 2nd Century BCE because of its strategic location. The visible remains of the Roman colony include a theatre, a bath complex, a forum, an amphitheater and urban blocks. The second phase will continue the survey and begin excavations of a domestic quarter. Students will earn 6 hours of upper-level Classics courses.


Twenty-one Texas Tech undergraduates joined Dr. Carole Edwards for the study abroad faculty-led program in Reims, France, a beautiful French university town, from June 3-July 3, 2016. Students will earn 6 hours at the 2000 & 4000-levels and participate in excursions. Students will be housed in the International Center.


An optional weekend in Deauville, Normandy always impacts students with a historical birds-eye view of World War II.



The Munich-based study abroad program (Summer 1 from May 29-June 30) under the direction of Dr. Anita McChesney offers nineteen Texas Tech undergraduate and one graduate teaching assistant the opportunity to immerse themselves in German in one of the most beautiful and culturally-rich German cities. Students will earn 3 hours of language courses at Inlingua and 3 hours of Texas Tech German 3306 "Contemporary German". Students will experience German life first-hand during their home-stays.



Ten Texas Tech undergraduate students headed to Etruscan of Tuscania,, a small town located one hour from Rome for the Summer 1, (May 23-June 25, 2016) study abroad program under the direction of Francesca Beretta, Instructor of Italian. Students will earn 3 hours of Texas Tech credit at the 4000-level, "Italian Life and Culture" and 3 hours of language courses through the Lorenzo de Medici Institute. Guided tours and cultural activities will provide an enriching immersion experience for each participant.

Mexico Field Course


Texas Tech, and the Spanish program of the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures are thrilled to return to Mexico for the Mexico Field Course from May 28-July1. Twenty-one Texas Tech undergraduate students will earn 6 hours of Spanish upper-level credit under the co-direction of Drs. Steve Corbett and Jorge Zamora. This excellent program provides a fast-paced, well- balanced experience including total immersion while living with a host family in San Luis Potosí; opportunities to attend theater, movies, concerts, sporting events, and socializing at a sports club. Excursions include visits to historical and archaeological sites in Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Playa del Carmen and the pyramids of Chichén Itzá.


On April 12th, the Russian Club hosted a study abroad meeting with Dr. Anthony Qualin and Instructor Irina Drigalenko to discuss the important aspects a student can expect in Moscow ranging from common customs, dealing with issues and documents to proper behavior, language and attire.
Several first and second year student are studying abroad this summer in Moscow with two reputable programs.

GRINT Program

  • Alexander Fincher
  • Jacob Guinan
  • Matthew Horn
  • Tyler Simpson
  • Josh Szymansi

Texas Moscow Connection (TMC) Program

  • Vasilis Vloutis


Left to Right: Jacob Guinan (GRINT), Matthew Horn (GRINT), Vasilis Vloutis (TMC), Josh Szymansi (GRINT)

TTU Center, Spain

Texas Tech offers a unique opportunity for students to live, learn, travel and enjoy the life, culture, and Spanish language during long semesters, or during the summer program in Sevilla, a beautiful medieval city in Andalucía in southern Spain. Spanish course credit may be earned at the lower-level, upper level and graduate level. The program is directed and the courses taught by Texas Tech University Spanish professors.


Philip and Sarah Guengerich

To enhance the full-immersion aspect of the program, a total of 348 students (175 for Summer 1; 173 for Summer 2) will lodge with host families and participate in many excursions to numerous surrounding towns such as: Almagro to visit the 16th century theater where famous Spanish playwrights such as Lope de Vega put on plays; Toledo, an enchanting town renowned for its sword craftsmanship for hundreds of years; Segovia to see its most emblematic monument, the Roman aqueduct built in the first century; Madrid to visit the world-renown art museum, The Prado, which houses famous collections by painters such as Velazquez, Goya, and El Greco just to name a few and Granada, a city nestled in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


Roman Aqueduct, Segovia

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