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Visit of Students & Teachers from Amarillo High School

CMLL was pleased to welcome a group of French and German language students from Amarillo High School and their teachers to campus on March 8, 2016.


Karen Smith (7th from left) and her Amarillo High School Students at CMLL, March 9th, 2016

Karen Smith, a French Teacher at Amarillo High School, brought along approximately 20 students, who were welcomed in the Language Lab by Dr. Joe Price, Dr. Starra Priestaf and Dr. Andrea Jonsson. Also present were French graduate students Emilie Mathis, Elizabeth Hammond and Emeline Tetevuide, who welcomed Ms. Smith and her students, and shared their impressions of the French program at Texas Tech. Dr. Joe Price then presented a short PowerPoint presentation about the French program, including information about French courses, faculty and study abroad programs. Following this, Language Lab director David Villarreal gave the students the opportunity to explore and discover the language learning software through a series of hands-on communicative activities using the lab's technology.


Language Laboratory Director David Villarreal showcases the language lab's technology to Smith's French Students during their visit to CMLL

Krista Carter, a teacher of German at Amarillo High School and former graduate student in German at TTU, brought 12 students of German. The students toured the TTU Campus, visited the Language Lab, and attended Dr. Marlene Selker's GERM2301 class. Selker has been setting up visits for Ms. Carters' to CMLL for many years.

Spanish Outreach


The Spanish program provided a movie as an outreach to students in March....

Advising Recruitment & Retention


CMLL academic advisors Carla Burrus and Shelly Whitelonis participated in the first "Ready. Set. Register." pre-registration event on March 23, 2016. The Office of Transition & Engagement organized the event in the McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center where TTU current students were invited to get a jumpstart on their readiness for fall 2016 advance registration in a one-stop convenient setting. During the event, TTU advisors from all disciplines were on hand to answer questions, TTU campus service representatives provided information about student services and a variety of holds could be removed including financial and TSI.

ASL Program Organizes Campus Visit for Deaf Students from LISD Smylie Wilson Middle School


Nine deaf students accompanied by five teachers/staff from LISD Smylie Wilson Middle School made a campus visit on March 31 organized by the TTU ASL program. The visit kicked-off with a campus tour followed by a delicious lunch in the SUB. Next on the agenda was a tour of the TTU Recreation Center led by Haley Hanson, an ASL minor who works there. The campus visit concluded with a tour of the Food Sciences building led by a Deaf graduate student where students were able to see the lab and facilities.

Amanda Sellers earned a BS in Exercise Sports Sciences with a double minor in American Sign Language and English and a M.Ed. in Special Education with an emphasis on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing from Texas Tech in 2014. She currently teaches Deaf Education at Wilson Middle School and shared about the impact that the visit to Texas Tech had on one student:

Left the gym tonight and had a voicemail from a parent to call me. They didn't say anything else... When they answered they told me they were sorry it's late but they needed to tell me thank you. I wasn't sure what they were thanking me for but they said thank you for taking my son on the field trip today to Texas Tech University. He said his son has never really talked about college and didn't think he would like it because he was deaf, but this student went home and told his dad all about the teacher that walked with them and knew sign language (Melissa Hays) and that he was excited to tell him he met a deaf student (Erin) who had a cool job! He now wants to go to college!

After a hard week full of tears, anger, anxiety, and pure defeat this was much needed and melted my heart. If it's one thing I want to teach my students is they are great people and they are capable. Deafness doesn't define them or their capabilities and this dad was thankful that we teach them that they are worth so much and can do anything.

Erin Castelli, a great inspiration to these students, models the truth that a deaf person can do anything as a hearing person does except hear! She is pursuing her career goals starting with higher education. She earned her first degree in Dietetics from Texas Women's College, a second bachelor's degree in Food Science and is currently in the graduate program for Food Science. She works for the laboratory, International Center for Food Industry Excellence (ICFIE) under Dr. Mindy Brashears. She provided this group of students a tour which afterwards she commented, "Some the students remembered me 2-3 years ago when I did a simple experiment with swabbing things around the classroom and putting their hands on a PCA plate when they were 3rd to 5th graders... I was shocked to see the students being interested in food microbiology... They had an eye opening experiment with the "Glo-Germ" of the importance of washing your hands thoroughly. I hope this experience will encourage them to get into science."

New Course Offerings

Spring 2016

CMLL 5309 - Representing Genocide & the Holocaust

Students study literature and films to examine ways of conceptualizing, framing and critiquing theoretical and representational approaches to genocide. Readings on key concepts such as biopolitics (Roberto Esposito), homo sacer (Giorgio Agamben), and trauma theory will provide a strong theoretical foundation for the discussion of cultural artifacts. The course will encourage students to spark a dialogue between literature, film, and theory in order to investigate the strength and limitations of these. Students will thus develop a nuanced understanding of the challenges we face when we look at genocide. Core themes will be:

  • Representation: advantages, challenges, limitations
  • Discursive violence
  • Trauma
  • Witnessing
  • The ethics of studying & representing genocide

Fall 2016

CMLL 2306 - Intro to World Cinema

Investigate films from around the world and how they converge with theories of globalization, post colonialism, and migration. Fulfills Language, Philosophy, and Culture and Multicultural requirements.

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