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Announcing Identity & Resistance in Global Contexts


Dr. Alec Cattell is the principal investigator on a large grant from the TTU Center for Global Communication to fund a project on Identity & Resistance in Global Contexts. Co-principal investigators on the project are Shelley Barba (University Libraries, Digital Resources), Sarai Brinker (School of Music), Dr. Idoia Elola (Arts & Sciences, Spanish), Dr. Andrea Johnson (Arts & Sciences, French), Dr. Belinda Kleinhans (Arts & Sciences, German), Dr. Kent Wilkinson (College of Media & Communication), and Dr. Julie Zook (College of Architecture).

This multi-college project seeks to address the global challenge themes of population and conflict in various domestic and international contexts from the perspective of language, culture, music, media, and architecture. The project will culminate in the creation of a digital archive of student work generated in participating courses. The archival materials – including texts, images, videos, and audio files – will be showcased at a symposium and exhibition in April 2018 and then displayed permanently as a digital collection housed on the website of the TTU Library. The symposium will include a panel discussion and a concert that address the theme of cultural identity and expression in contemporary American society.

CMLL Launches #We Speak Languages Campaign


Whether you are an alumnus or new to Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures, we hope you'll join us in the #WeSpeakLanguages campaign!

#WeSpeakLanguages celebrates all of the amazing things that language majors and minors are doing around the world during and after their studies.

Take a picture of yourself, your workspace, your study abroad city, your food, or whatever it is you want to share to tell us how foreign language study has impacted your life. Then, post your picture to Twitter, Facebook, or other social media, and use the hashtag that fits you best:


Keep your eye on CMLL social media to see the stories of your colleagues and friends!

Virtual Tutoring

Beginning in Fall 2017, the LLL&RC offers virtual tutoring for students learning languages taught in CMLL. Students simply join a group via the groupme app and post questions as needed. Peers assist with the responses.

CMLL Grant Events

Grant writing can be a daunting challenge for those looking for support for their research and special projects. Knowing where to find the resources and receive notifications about relevant grant opportunities was addressed during the Fall 2017 Grant Events proposed by CMLL in the LLL&RC.

Dr. Alec Cattell offered two Individual Walk-in Clinics on October 2 and November 6 to faculty and graduate students looking for answers to questions about where to get grants to support research and special projects. These one-on-one chats provided an excellent liaison to relevant grant opportunities. In addition, two group writing sessions were held on October 9 and November 13. During these sessions, participants engaged in writing grant proposals and were provided excellent resources and assistance in the basics of the grant writing process.

CMLL Learning Community

Beginning in fall 2018, CMLL language majors will have the opportunity to live in Coleman hall as part of a Learning Community. LCs are a transformative community where students seeking similar academic goals live, learn and play together. CMLL language majors will have the opportunity to live on the same floor as the international students. If that is not reason enough, living in LCs boosts students' chances for academic success and offer the opportunity to share an intellectual experience with peers and have increased access to faculty and academic support staff.

CMLL Holiday Luncheon


The aroma of Italian food filled air of the 2nd floor lobby of the CMLL building on December 7 for the CMLL Holiday Luncheon organized by Theresa Madrid. Faculty, staff, and teaching assistants feasted and fellowshipped at the close of the fall semester.

CMLL Graduate Student Fall 2017 Orientation


CMLL and Dr. Collopy welcomed graduate students of which nearly half are incoming students at the departmental Fall 2017 Orientation on August 25, 2017. These students bring a rich diverse climate to the department. This fall the department offered 33 teaching assistantships to both new and current students.

Outdoor International Cultural Festival


The Lubbock community gathered on the grounds of the International Cultural Center to celebrate the diverse cultural heritage of the international community of Texas Tech University on October 14, 2017 at the Outdoor International Cultural Festival. The Department of Classical & Modern Languages partnered with the Museum of Texas Tech and the Office of International Affairs to bring this festival to the Lubbock community. Festival events included international music and dance, art projects, food, and family friendly cultural activities. The Japanese, German, Arabic and Russian programs organized displays and activities representing CMLL.

Support provided in part by grants from The CH Foundation and the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Lecture: Juan Luna's Revolution by Dr. Kevin Chua (Texas Tech University)

Dr. Kevin Chua, Associate Professor of Art History presented a talk on Juan Luna's Revolution on November 7, 2017 in the CMLL Qualia. Luna, a Filipino painter who spent the 1880s and 90s in Europe competing in several major European exhibitions, later, together with José Rizal formed a group known as the "ilustrados" having a committed working towards the independence of the Philippine colony from Spain. In his talk, Chua considered the strategic positioning of Luna's painting with regard to European exhibition politics, and the anachronic dimension of his art with regard to Spanish and Filipino history. By close readings of three canvases – Spoliarium (1884), Battle of Lepanto (1887), and The Blood Compact (1886), this talk provided a more critical assessment of Luna's politics several years before the Philippine Revolution in 1896.

Weihnachtsfest: A Celebration of German Christmas Traditions

In conjunction with the National Ranching Heritage Center's Candlelight at the Ranch, the Office of International Affairs partnered with CMLL and TTU J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts School of Music in hosting, a pre-Candelight celebration, Weihnachtsfest: A Celebration of German Christmas Tradition, on December 8 at the International Cultural Center. German traditions including a band, crafts, gingerbread cookies and sausage were featured at the event. Sponsored in part by a grant from The CH Foundation.

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Applied Linguistics & ESL

Fall 2017 Cross-Cultural Conversation Groups

Continuing to perfect cross-cultural communication skills and other communication skills, three different communication groups were offered this fall by the ESL faculty under the direction of Ms. Linley Melhem. Students selected one or more of the groups which best met their needs from Student Life Support Group, Cross-culture Communication, and Impromptu Speaking. Developing good communication between U.S. and international students is a win-win situation for everyone in a global economy!


Arabic Language Student Organization Fall Events


The growing Arabic Club met in the campus Barnes & Noble bookstore weekly throughout the semester. The club invites anyone interested in learning more about the Arabic language and culture to join them. Focus is given to speaking Arabic and to discussion of different cultural subjects, including language learning games.


The Arabic Language Student Organization and the Arabs Without Borders Organization participated in the Outdoor International Cultural Festival on October 14, 2017. Promotion of learning Arabic and its beautiful culture drew guests to their table.

Céfiro Intercultural Day took place on November 3 in the Department of CMLL where the Arabic students and instructors created a beautiful cultural display that included samplings of some traditional Middle Eastern foods.

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Cultural Excursion


Dinner at a local Middle Eastern restaurant in early November drew a large group of sixty-seven students to discover the deliciousness of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.

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Texas Tech Disability Awareness Week

ASL learners and the Silent Raiders participated in several events during Texas Tech's Disability Awareness Week, October 2-6, 2017. Student Disability Services hosted events during the week to raise awareness and show support for members of the community that identify with a disability.

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A number of students enjoyed art showcasing artists' abilities and unique talents from the perspectives of people familiar with disabilities at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts Graffiti Building during First Friday Art Trail. Others enjoyed Deaf Bingo at Walls-Gates Residence Hall.


The Panda Express was filled with supporters of Silent Raiders at the fall fundraiser on October 25, 2017. Supporters and members practiced signing skills over a shared "silent" meal.


The Silent Raiders braved the cold and participated in the Halloween Trunk or Treat on October 28.. The annual event is sponsored by Silent Raiders Student Organization, LifeRun, and Caprock Society of Interpreters for the Deaf.

Céfiro International Culture Day


Silent Raiders increased awareness of the TTU ASL program and Deaf Culture with information during the Céfiro International Culture Day.

Cause an Effect

Chipotles located on Glenna Goodacre Blvd. generously donated 50% of the proceeds to the Silent Raiders at their fundraiser, Cause an Effect, on November 21, 2017.

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The Chinese Language and Culture Association met for the first time of the fall semester on September 14th with approximately 20 students in attendance. The association met regularly on Thursdays throughout the semester. This fall, Chinese Club began offering free Chinese tutoring to their students.

Fall Activities

Chinese students and instructors promoted Chinese language courses to the freshmen and recruited new members for Chinese Language and Culture Association at the Passport Party in the CMLL on August 23, 2017.

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Joshua Williams, a student in CHIN2301, gave an intriguing Chinese culture presentation on Chinese Kong Fu in class on September 16, 2017. Students marveled at his display of Chinese swords and demonstration of his acquired Kong Fu skills.

The Chinese Language and Culture Association hosted several Movie Nights throughout the semester drawing learners of Chinese to the Qualia Room to improve comprehension and heighten culture awareness.

On September 28th, the Chinese Club met at a local Chinese restaurant for dinner and conversation.

Chinese Language and Culture Association set up a table to introduce Chinese language and culture at the Mysteries of China event at the Lubbock Science Spectrum on November 12, 2017.


Céfiro International Culture Day

The Chinese program enriched Céfiro International Culture Day with its language & cultural exhibit. Instructors and some students donned traditional costumes. Trying one's hand at writing Chinese characters fascinated students.

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Keep Calm and Just Use Pinyin


Chinese Language program hosted the first Chinese Pinyin contest on November 10th in the Qualia room. Approximately 40 students from beginning, intermediate, and advanced Chinese language classes along with friends and families attended this activity. In addition to the contest, students played Charades and Jeopardy in Chinese and enjoyed Chinese food and music.

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Classical Society Kick-off


On Monday, September 18, Classics faculty, members of the Classical Society, and Classics enthusiasts gathered over coffee, tea, and cookies for their first meeting of the year. Highlights included the official unveiling of the new Classical Society T-Shirt and overall good cheer.

"Plautus Casina", Texas Tech's 14th Annual Latin Play

Hats off to the exceptional intermediate Latin students at Texas Tech for the dramatic reading in Latin of the timeless comedy hit, "Plautus Casina" on October 25, 2017. The comedy was first produced in Rome in 185 BCE.

Lecture: "Lemnos, Athens and the Hephaisteion" – Jeremy McInerney

Dr. Jeremy McInerney, Davidson Kennedy Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Pennsylvania gave a lecture entitled, "Lemnos, Athens and the Hephaisteion" on November 9 in the CMLL Qualia Room. The Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures and the Humanities Center at Texas Tech sponsored this lecture; a truly interesting interpretation of what is probably the second most famous temple in Athens. Dr. McInerney looked at some interesting tales from Herodotus (the father of both History and Lies) as well as a detailed look at the sculpture associated with the temple in order to better explain why it was build.

Céfiro International Culture Day


Classics set up an intriguing display with cultural artifacts, mail sported by graduate student Brett Stine, and provided pertinent information on the undergraduate and graduate program at Texas Tech during Céfiro International Culture Day on November 3, 2017.

AIA Officers 2017-2018

President - Christopher Witmore, Associate Professor of Classical Archaeology
Vice-President – Hannah Friedman, Assistant Professor of Classical Archaeology
Treasurer – Jackson Vaughn, Classics GPTI
Secretary – Brittany Profitt, Classics TA

AIA Lectures Fall 2017


The Archaeology of a Prisoner-of-War Camp in Finnmark, Artctic Norway presented by Christopher Witmore (Associate Professor, Texas Tech University) on September 28, 2017.

The Late Bronze Age Eruption of Thera (Santorini) presented by Floyd McCoy (Professor of Geology, Geophysics, and Oceanography, University of Hawaii-Windward AIA Joukowsky Lecture) on October 26, 2017.

Ritual Emulation of Ancient Maya Elite Mortuary Traditions during the Classic period at Cahal Pech Belize presented by Anna Novotny (Assistant Professor of Bioarcheaology, Texas Tech University) on November 30, 2017.

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Francophiles and friends of the Tech French Club came out to support the club at a fundraiser on September 28 at Woody's Brick Oven Pizza & Grill who generously gave back 15 % of each ticket to the organization.

Photo credit

Regie Cabico, a poet known for his multiple award winning queer and Asian Slams, presented a lecture to CMLL including both graduate and undergraduate students on October 10, 2017. Cabico also ran a workshop in conjunction with FREN 5320, which is a graduate-level creative writing and analysis class.


Among his accomplishments, he is a pioneer of the spoken word and the first openly queer and Asian Slam Poet to take top prizes in the 1993, 1994 and 1997 National Poetry Slams, former Nuyorican Poets Grand Slam Champion, nominee for a 2014 Lambda Literary Award for his work as co-editor of Flicker & Spark: A Contemporary Anthology of Queer Poetry and Spoken Work. He has made guests appearances on HBO's Def Poetry Jam, NPR's Snap Judgement. He performs his unique blend of poetry, stand-up comedy and theater throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

On Thursday evenings French Club members gathered for casual conversation at a local coffee shop for Pause Café, or in CMLL for French movies and special activities.



Soirée Crêpes provided students not only with tasting a delicious French favorite but also with a recipe and new skills to make them at home.

Céfiro International Cultural Day

The Tech French Club highlighted the French language and its rich culture with its culturally rich display at their table during the Céfiro International Culture Day on November 3, 2017.

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The German Club officers organized a full semester of German cultural and language activities beginning with Stammtisch every Thursday evening and Kaffeeklatsch every Friday afternoon at local eating establishments. Once a month in September, October and November, German film screenings took place in the CMLL Qualia Room.

German Fall Picnic

The old adage that food always draws a crowd proved true by the large turnout at the German Picnic held on October 8th and then again when club members made their way to Slaton, Texas for the Slaton Sausage Festival.

Céfiro International Cultural Day


Along with the other language programs, the German program exhibited the beauty and diverse Deutschland during the Céfiro International Culture Day on November 3, 2017.

Frohe Weihnacthen


The German Club held the popular annual fundraiser, Frohe Weihnachten, with the sale of German Gingerbread and coffee, in the lobby of CMLL for the duration of the morning of November 29, 2017.

German Poetry Night

The first of the Annual German Poetry Night took place in CMLL on November 30. Readings and recitations included poems in German and about German-speaking countries between 6 and 32 lines. Learners of German were rewarded with extra-credit.

Weihnachtsfest and Puppenspiel


The semester concluded for the German program with Weihnachtsfest and Puppenspiel on December 7-8 in the International Cultural Center.


Elementary age children from several Lubbock schools enjoyed learning about Germany, its rich culture, seasonal traditions, and history.


Crafting snowflakes out of pipe cleaners and beads, decorating paper lanterns, singing German songs and watching the all-time favorite Puppenspiel (puppet show) "Little Red Riding Hood", produced by the graduate and undergraduate students in the German program delighted the children.

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ITA Program


Eighty-eight international teaching assistants participated in the 2018 ITA Summer Workshop under the direction of Lindley Melhelm from July 24 to August 11, 2017. The summer workshop is designed to provide English training and classroom communication skills as well as evaluations of candidates' speaking and listening English proficiency. Prior to the summer workshop, thirty-two candidates with high English proficiency test scores were interviewed via Skype in May and June for approval to teach in lieu of the summer workshop.


Candidates often forge strong friendships that continue throughout their TTU academic careers as a result of class time and social activities planned during the workshop: a Meet & Greet evening in Urbanovsky Park with watermelon and volley hosted by CMLL and an ice cream social and campus-wide scavenger hunt hosted by the Texas Tech Center for Campus Life.


ITA Administration: Back row: Hisatoshi Fujino, Achintha Bandara, Bryson Caroll, Linley Melhem (Director), Bryce Berta and Khaleel Abusal. Front row left to right: Elizabeth Carroll, Nicole Brown, Irina Drigalenko, Kristina Mayer, Larissa Campos and Carla Burrus (Coordinator). Not pictured: Tyler Simpson, Brandy Bippes

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Céfiro International Culture Day


Students learned about Japan and its culture at the Céfiro International Cultural Day on November 3, 2017. Using chopsticks and writing Japanese words offered an introduction to two of thousands of cultural aspects of Japan.


Left to right: Kaydee Jean, Sage Laxton, Nikolai Kuzminas

Election of 2017-2018 Officers took place during the first Russian Club meeting in September. The new officers took office immediately to begin serving the members of the club.

President – Sage Laxton
Vice-President – Nikolai Kuzminas
Treasurer – Kaydee Jean


The officers kept busy during the semester organizing events promoting Russian culture and practicing language skills with special emphasis on responding to questions.


A nearby park served as a meeting place on October 7 for the annual fall picnic. Sharing Russian inspired food and playing Russian games was enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

International Cultural Fest

Members of the Russian Club showcased the Russian language and culture at the International Cultural Fest on October 14, 2017 on the grounds of the International Cultural Center. The festival was an outreach to the Lubbock and Texas Tech communities with international music, dance, food, and various cultural activities.


Russia was represented by Saint-Petersburg Conservatory graduate Veniamin Blokh who played Rachmanivov in memory of the fallen TTU police officer Floyd East, Jr.

Movie Nights

Several Russian film screenings took place during Russian Club throughout the semester. On October 25, a compelling screening of "Under the Sun", a Russian-made documentary, opened the eyes of everyone in attendance to life in North Korea. The documentary directed by Russian filmmaker Vitaly Mansky provided a glimpse of daily life of a small girl and her parents. Even though it was scripted and staged by the government in keeping with the conventions of North Korean propaganda, Mansky's film crew succeeded in shooting clandestinely and smuggling out extra footage revealing a more realistic view of life there. Mansky was present to introduce the film and to answer questions afterward. The screening was sponsored by the Texas Tech Office of International Affairs, the Russian Cultural Center, The CH Foundation, the Department of History, Tech Institute for Peace and Conflict, and the Tech Russian Club.

Céfiro International Culture Day


The Tech Russian Club presented the Russian program at the Céfiro International Cultural Day on November 3rd in the lower floor of the CMLL building. Thanks to CMLL graduate students, Nicholas Acosta, Matthew Horn, and student volunteers for successfully showcasing Russian language and culture among the languages offered in the department.

The Russian Revolution at 100: What was it and what does it mean?


Dr. Barenberg (TTU department of History) gave a lecture entitled "The Russian Revolution at 100: What was it and what does it mean?" on November 13 as part of Russian Week. Students engaged in an enlightening discussion on the topic of Soviet history. The event was sponsored by the departments of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures and History, and the Russian Club.


The fall semester and Russian week wrapped up at a pre-Thanksgiving Borshch party on November 17. Students enjoyed a bowl of a delicious beet based soup which was prepared from a traditional recipe well-known to both Russia and Ukraine.

Russian Borshch

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Spanish & Portuguese

Fall 2017 Comparative European Modernisms Series

An intriguing two part lecture series organized by CMLL Professors Antonio Ladeira and Susan Larson, Fall 2017 Comparative European Modernism, took place on September 25 and October 9, 2017. The first lecture, "Tangled Modernity: Intellectual Networks and Hispanic Cultural Production", was presented by Dr. Juan Herrero-Senés (University of Colorado, Boulder). Using the tools of social network theory combined with the sociology of Pierre Bourdieu, this presentation focused on how the avant-garde became a global transitive phenomenon in the Spanish-speaking world and beyond.

Dr. Jerónimo Pizarro (Universidad de Los Andes) discussed the importance of inclusion of Portuguese modernist manifestations in literature and the visual arts in the broader spectrum of multi-continental Modernism or "Geo-Modernisms" in his lecture entitled, "Pessoa: European and Portuguese Modernisms". He also suggested the need for a revisionary effort, especially if one acknowledges that Modernism encompasses a range of movements, positions and artist, and that it was open to contradictions and diversities in each country.

These lectures would not have been possible without the support of Texas Tech University's Honors College, European Studies Program, Department of History, Department of Classical and Modern Languages & Literatures, Humanities Center and the College of Arts & Sciences.

Picnic in the Park

The Spanish and Portuguese program kicked off the semester with a picnic at Wagner Park on August 26, 2017. Kudos to John Beusterien and Alicia Miklos for organizing the event. A special thanks to Antonio Ladeira, the grill master!

Spotlight on Graduate Student Research

Left to right Prada, Martins, Martinez

On September 24, 2017, the Spanish and Portuguese program of the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures introduced a new talk, "Spotlight on Graduate Student Research" to which students and faculty were invited to learn about the research of four advanced ABD graduate students. The spotlight was focused on Mónica Fernández Martins, Michael Martínez, Jr., Josh Prada and Rubén Varona (via satellite).

Mónica Fernández Martins – "El incesto como alegoría en La Madre naturaleza de Emilia Pardo Bazán y Os Marías de José Maria Eça de Queirós"

Michael Martínez – "Beyond Borders: Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, La saga/fuga de J.B., and the Construction of Literary Fields"

Josh Prada – "Connecting the Study of Identity to Theories of Chaos and Complexity: Focusing on Heritage Speakers within Educational Contexts"

Rubén Varona – "Rethinking Postmodern and Hybrid Literature: Justice as an Analytical Tool of Historical Noir"

Fall Lectures

Evolving Perspectives in the Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos

On October 17th, Dr. Yasmine Beale-Rivaya (Texas State U) gave a presentation entitled "Evolving Perspectives in the Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos" in the Qualia Room. Dr. Beale-Rivaya is a leading expert on Mozarabic culture and language and her talk was of interest to undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, and faculty. She discussed and contextualized the scripts associated with celebrations known as Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos – Festival of Moors and Christians which have been gaining popularity in Southern Spain over the last 15 years. These festivals depict the conquest by the Moors, the reconquest of the territory by Christians and the subsequent reconciliation between the two Abrahamic faiths with one important edit- location. The events depicted capitalize on general popular knowledge of the conquest and reconquest of Al-Andalus. They transfer the concept of Al-Andalus to a local setting. These festivals are the origin stories of these communities and explain the cultural identity of the community in which they are celebrated. The swelling of interest in these expressions of culture coincides with the immigration of large amount of people from Muslim nations.

Fernando Pessoa: European and Portuguese Modernisms

CMLL had the rare opportunity to attend a talk on October 9th entitled, "Fernando Pessoa: European and Portuguese Modernisms" by one of the world's foremost authorities on the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, Jerónimo Pizarro (professor at the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) and holds the Camões Institute Chair of Portuguese Studies in Colombia). He has a PhD in Hispanic Literatures (2008, Harvard University) and a PhD in Portuguese Linguistics (2006, Universidade de Lisboa). He contributed eight volumes to the critical edition of Fernando Pessoa's works. Together with Steffen Dix, he co-organized Portuguese Modernisms in Literature and the Visual Arts, which was published by Legenda in 2011. They also co-edited a special issue of Portuguese Studies (2008) and a book of essays, A Arca de Pessoa [Pessoa's Trunk] (2007).

An Experimental Investigation of Differential Object Marking in Mexican Spanish


On October 20th, CMLL had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Salvador Bautista-Maldonado's presentation on Differential Object Marking in Mexican Spanish. Dr. Bautista-Maldonado (Universidad Autónoma del Carmen, México) received his doctorate in Linguistics from the University of Essex (UK) in 2011. His research includes topics such as the Acquisition of Resultatives in L2 English, the acquisition of manner of motion verbs and the acquisition of English Articles (DP). Currently, Dr. Bautista is involved in areas of Bilingualism and Neurolinguistics working in language erosion and testing heritage speakers in the United States.

2017 Hispanic Linguistics Symposium

The Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures hosted the 2017 Hispanic Linguistics Symposium from October 26-28 at the Overton Hotel in Lubbock.

CMLL was pleased to have as Plenary Speakers Drs. Joyce Bruhn De Garavito (University of Western Ontario), Lourdes Ortega (Georgetown University), Scott Schwenter (Ohio State University) and Miquel Simonet (University of Arizona).

Presenters in CMLL

Dr. Idoia Elola & Josh Prada (ABD Spanish), "Situating linguistic landscape research within the field of Hispanic linguistics: topics, applications, and methodological issues"

Dr. Avizia Long, "Classroom Learners Acquisition of the Spanish Copula with adjectives: The case of Korean learners"

Posters in CMLL

Paola Guerrero, "Monolingual perspectives of heritage speakers' bicultural identities in computer-mediated interactions"

Celebration of the Day of the Dead

The Spanish Heritage Language Program in collaboration with Sigma Delta Pi Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispánica (National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society) performed for the Day of the Dead. There were presentations of poetry and "The Dead Bride," a multidisciplinary recital which combines dance, music, theater and poetry to pay tribute to loved ones who have passed away. The event took place in the CMLL Qualia Room on November 2, 2017. A reception with Mexican sweet bread and coffee followed the celebration.

Céfiro International Cultural Day


Once again Céfiro International Culture Day provided a venue where a large number of students from both area schools and Texas Tech took in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes from around the world without leaving campus. Each of the language programs prepared cultural materials, dressed in traditional costume, served samples of delicious native foods and music in the CMLL lower floor lobby on November 3, 2017.

recent53 recent54

For the Spanish and Portuguese programs, five tables highlighted Spanish & Portuguese-speaking countries: Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

recent55 recent56

CMLL's Portuguese speaking graduate students organized a festive display focused on the Portuguese language and Brazil's robust culture including the recipe for Brigadeiro as part of Céfiro International Culture Day on November 3, 2017.

recent57 recent58

Students from Lubbock area schools contributed creative displays, dance, music, singing and beautiful costumes. See complete details in the Recruitment and Retention section of the newsletter.

Conversation, Cinema and Culture

Throughout the semester regular conversation hours were held Monday through Friday. Students had the option to participate in conversation up to 8 hours outside of class. Spanish films were screened on seven occasions. Culture Night Dia de los Muertos took place on October 31.

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