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CMLL Ambassadors

A group of CMLL students formed and are now an official organization with the Student Government Association. The purpose of the CMLL Ambassadors is to promote the study of languages and cultures at Texas Tech University. Their role is to inform future and current TTU students how language can enhance careers in military, government, education, business, law, medicine, engineering, and many others.

The goal of the CMLL Ambassador Program is to spread the word at Texas Tech University and beyond that the study of languages and cultures provides students with skills that are essential for career success in the 21st century.

David Villarreal and Dr. Alec Cattell are advisors for the first group of ambassadors which include:

Shelbie Alexander Storm Huckabee
Madison Babovec Madison Kennedy
Sarah Costanza Jocelin Loewen
Spencer Diem Noah Mallindine
Darril Eyaa Armando Santos
Jacob Gilmore Dakota Tucker
Jaclyn Herman Victoria Villarreal
Blake Herrera Timothy Vincent II

College of Arts & Sciences Lubbock Roadshow


April 22, 2018, Holden Hall second floor was transformed into a Texas Tech Roadshow. Being the first time that the Texas Tech Roadshow was held on campus, the goal was to bring the roadshow experience to surrounding West Texas towns. CMLL advisors introduced visitors to the department through interactive games, prizes, and information on the vast programs offered.

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