Texas Tech University



As a nonexempt employee, you will be paid twice per month based on the following pay periods and pay dates. If the pay date falls on a weekend or holiday, nonexempt employees will be paid on the last work day prior to the weekend or holiday.

Pay Period Pay Date
1st - 15th of the month 25th of the month
16th - last day of the month 10th of the following month

Although your annual pay will not be reduced as a result of the change to nonexempt, paycheck amounts will fluctuate from pay period to pay period based on the number of hours worked in that pay period.

The 2016 and 2017 calendar year pay periods and pay dates are posted for all employees to view. These calendars are located on the front page of the payroll website at www.payroll.ttu.edu.

The following link will take you directly to the calendars: