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Physician Certification for Sick Leave PoolView

Awards and Recognition
Reference: OP 70.26, OP 70.34
Bravo Board Nomination View
Service Excellence Leave Award Nomination Form View
Distinguished Staff Awards (call for nominations will be April - June 2017)  
Complaints and Grievances
Reference: OP 70.10, OP 40.02, OP 40.03
Complaint of Discrimination or Harassment View
Complaint of Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, or Sexual Misconduct View
Statement of Employee Complaint View
Employee Change
Administrative Exemption Checklist View
Creative Professional Exemption Checklist View
Computer Employee Exemption Checklist View
EOPS (Employee One-Time Payment System) View
ePAF (Electronic Personnel Action Form) View
Executive Exemption Checklist View
IT Career Ladder Checklist View
IT Career Ladder Development Plan View
Miscellaneous Deductions View
Name or SSN Change View
New Position / Reclassification View
New Position / Reclassification Instructions View
Reference: OP 70.08, OP 70.15, OP 70.20, OP 70.35, OP 70.41
Application for Multiple Employment Finding View
Application for Waiver of Nepotism View
Authorization for Criminal Record Check View
Consent to Drug & Alcohol Testing View
Employee Drug / Alcohol / Van Operator Screening – Guidelines and Authorization View
Employee Extended Development Agreement View
Employee Recruiting Checklist – Faculty/Staff benefits eligible positions View
Employment Application View
Employment History Verification View
External Ad Request View
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification (Form can only be accessed using the Internet Explorer browser) View
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification (This version is unfillable and must be printed for completion on paper only) View
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification presentation View
New Hire I-9 Packet (Web page) View
Professional/Personal Reference Check View
Request for Services from the Dual-Career Couples Assistance Program View
Reference: Payroll forms, Earning Code Definitions
EOPS (Employee One-Time Payment Systems) View
ePAF (Electronic Personnel Action Form) View
Miscellaneous Deductions View
Graduate Student Employment
Reference: OP 70.27
GPTI / TA Certification View
Graduate Student Working Hours Exception View
Research Assistant Certification View
Reference: OP 34.24, OP 64.11, OP 70.05, OP 70.13
Accelerated Life Insurance View
Benefits Enrollment View
Benefits Enrollment Information View
Certificate of Health Plan Coverage View
Claim for Dismemberment Benefits View
Claim for Extended Life Insurance Benefits View
Conversion of Group Life Insurance Enrollment View
Health Claim (HealthSelect) View
Dependent Child Certification View
Extended Life Insurance Benefit (EIB) Claim with Group Life Beneficiary (Minnesota Life) View
GBP Supplemental Information View
Group Life Insurance Conversion Application (Minnesota Life) View
Life Evidence of Insurability Information View
TexFlex Enrollment / Change View
TexFlex Health/Dependent Care Claim View
Tobacco Certification View
Tobacco Certification - Choose to Quit View
Reference: OP 32.11, OP 70.01, OP 70.32, OP 70.43, OP 70.44, OP 70.45, OP 70.46
Adoption/Foster Care Placement Certification View
Application for Family and Medical Leave View
Application for Intermittent Leave Under the FMLA for Birth or Placement of a Child View
Application for Legislative Leave for Peace Officers View
Application for Parental Leave View
Break Request for Nursing Mothers View
Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of Covered Servicemember for Military Family Leave (FMLA) View
Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Health Condition (FMLA) View
Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member's Serious Health Condition (FMLA) View
Certification of Physician or Practitioner for Parental Leave View
Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave (FMLA) View
Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of a Veteran for Military Caregiver Leave (FMLA) View
Contribution to the Sick Leave Pool View
Employee's Rights and Responsibilities View
Leave Without Pay View
Request for Sick Leave Pool for Catastrophic Conditions View
Return from Leave Without Pay View
Offer Letter View
Performance Management
Reference: OP 70.12
Employee Corrective Action View
Employee Corrective Action Instructions View
Employee Performance Improvement Plan View
Position Description View
Supervisor's Guide to Performance Management: Position Description View
Staff Self Assessment View
Supervisor Referral for EAP View
Supervisor's Guide to electronic Performance Management (ePM) View
Reference: OP 70.02, OP 70.07, OP 70.09
ORP Information Acknowledgement View
ORP Salary Reduction Acknowledgment / Change of Company View
ORP Transfer Request View
TRS Eligibility Determination & Enrollment Authorization View
TRS 15 – Designation of Beneficiary View
TRS 28 – Election to Participate in Optional Retirement Program View
TRS 358 – TRS Change of Address Notification View
TSA Salary Reduction Agreement View
Reference: OP 70.19, OP 70.44
Application to Contribute Sick Leave to the Sick Leave Pool View
Employee Exit Checklist View
Lump Sum Vacation Certification View
TRS 6 – TRS Notice of Final Deposit and Request for Refund View
TRS 18 – TRS Request for Estimate of Retirement Benefits View