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Dietetic Internship Financial Assistance & Expenses

Scholarship Information

If you match with our internship, you will need to very quickly apply to graduate school. Within the application for grad school is a place to apply for scholarships. While some scholarships are given in February, there are also some given in June so applying at this time will get you an opportunity for scholarships in this time frame.

  • If however, you decide to go ahead and apply to graduate school before matching with our internship, go ahead and apply for scholarships at that time.  The deadline for scholarship application is sometime in December. Check the graduate school website for specific deadlines.
  • Every intern will be awarded a one-time $1000 stipend in the Fall. Must be enrolled in NS 5601 Dietetic Internship

Estimated Expenses:

The expenses listed are approximate costs. Actual costs may be more or less than these estimates. These estimated costs are based on just the cost of completing the required components of the internship, not including additional graduate classes. Living expenses are not included.

Tuition & fees for:

  • NS 5334, Applied MNT in Spring
  • NS 5330, Introduction to Research (should be taken in Spring before Internship Practicum)
  • NS 5601,  Internship Practicum (enrollment for Summer and Fall but does not count towards graduate degree)
  • NS 5313, Clinical Nutrition Applications during final Fall semester (not required if you have already completed MS degree)


$9,550.00 (estimated)


$20,460.00 (estimated)

Tuition for graduate non-resident students living in counties adjacent to Texas who are legal residents of Arkansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma enjoy reduced fees. Go to Graduate School for more information on expenses.

Texts and supplies $300 One-time
Liability Insurance $14.50 One-time
Criminal Background Check $40-$70 One-time
The Academy Membership $58 Annual
ID Badge $25 One-time
Some sites may require drug screening Varies  
Transportation Costs Varies 156 days of travel to and from facilities. Must provide your own transportation

Financial Assistance and Loan Deferment

Several avenues of financial assistance are available. Contact the Texas Tech financial aid office (806) 742-0000 for information on grants and loans. You may also visit their website at: http://www.financialaid.ttu.edu.

As enrolled students, TTU Dietetic Interns may qualify for financial aid and loan deferment. Interns are referred to http://www.financialaid.ttu.edu/ for further information on their specific eligibility and the application process.

Out of state students who receive scholarships, qualify to pay resident tuition fees. A limited number of graduate part-time assistantships are available to teach or assist faculty in research projects.

In addition, look for scholarships through the Graduate School for which you can apply.

Financial assistance may also be sought through:

Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation

Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships at TTU

TTU Office of Student Financial Aid