Texas Tech University

When They Return

Hooray! Your student completed their study abroad program and are now home safe and sound! Your student has returned home a different person than when they departed a short time ago. It is likely you will see changes in them right away! Continue to support your student has they navigate their return and readjustment to life at home. 

Reverse Culture Shock

Reverse culture shock is real and often unexpected. Your student may feel they've just had an amazing, life-changing experience, yet have returned home to the "same-ol'-same-ol.'" 

The University of the Pacific's "What's up with Culture" online modules are a starting point for students as they readjust to life at home (especially module 2). Also, students should check out an article published by GoOverseas.com which describes reverse culture shock. Finally, your student can find information about returning to campus and support available through Texas Tech on the Study Abroad website.

Discover resources that will help smooth your student's transition, help them integrate their international experiences into their academic and professional lives, and help them take action and be an engaged global citizen.

Ways for Students to Stay Involved with Study Abroad

Attend Welcome Back Events

These events may be hosted by TTU Study Abroad, the Whitacre College of Engineering International Program Office, or the Rawls College of Business Center for Global Engagement, and celebrate students' successful completion of their study abroad programs. There is usually free food, t-shirts, and a community of returned study abroad students who start buzzing when they are put in a room together, eager to compare notes about their unique experiences abroad.

Join the Study Abroad Peer Advisors

There is a student organization for study abroad alumni who feel passionately about their study abroad experience! The Study Abroad Peer Advisors assist the Study Abroad Office with big events like the Study Abroad Fair, encourage other students to study abroad through campus outreach and presentations, help us to develop marketing materials that appeal to today's students, and more!

Other Student Organizations

  • International Student Council or other internationally-focused student groups, if students are interested in meeting international students and promoting cultures from different parts of the world
  • Rawls Diplomats, if students are Business majors interested in promoting study abroad within the RCOBA community.
  • Engineering Diplomats, if students are Engineering majors interested in talking with other WCOE students about the benefits of the international experience initiative.

Study Abroad Photo Contest

Returned study abroad students are encouraged to submit an entry for the Study Abroad Photo Contest. Students are notified during Spring semester if their submission has been selected for the big exhibit, which usually takes place during April.

Digital Storytelling

If a student has created a digital story, we certainly hope that they will share it with our office. The TTU Study Abroad staff love to see the creative ways that Red Raiders reflect on their study abroad experiences and express through media how they've been changed by their time abroad. Students should contact their Study Abroad Counselor for more information. To view examples of student digital stories, visit the TTU Study Abroad YouTube channel.

Get Published

Many students keep blogs while studying abroad, but not all students realize that they can get their writing published! For more information, students should contact their Study Abroad Counselor.

Consider a Career in International Education

International Affairs provides TTU students with different avenues for launching a career in international education. Students who are eligible for work-study positions or have interest in volunteering or interning should speak with TTU Study Abroad staff about their interests.