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Rawls CGE Diplomats

Rawls CGE Diplomats, a student organization comprised of Rawls College of Business study abroad alumni, offers an excellent platform to apply skills gained abroad and inspire future Red Raiders to explore international opportunities. Providing academic support, fellowship, and community, this organization caters to students planning to study abroad, currently abroad, or those who have returned. The Rawls CGE Diplomats also aim to assume a leadership role on campus and within the community by collaborating with international students studying abroad in Lubbock.

Ways in which Rawls CGE Diplomats contribute to promoting studying abroad with the Center for Global Engagement (CGE) include class presentations, participation in study abroad fairs, involvement in send-off and Welcome Back events, and organizing the Bon Voyage event. These diverse activities create ample opportunities for students to share their experiences, whether in group settings or one-on-one discussions.

Essential Functions

Rawls CGE Diplomats play a pivotal role in representing the CGE and the Rawls College of Business during all recruitment efforts. They actively promote study abroad opportunities to Rawls College students and provide assistance to prospective and current students preparing for their study abroad experiences.


Rawls CGE Diplomats, who are previous Rawls College of Business study abroad participants, undertake various responsibilities assigned by the CGE. These include participation in Study Abroad Fairs, involvement in Welcome & Welcome Back events, planning and executing recruitment and assessment events, maintaining a presence in the RCOBA building, active engagement on the CGE Facebook page, providing pictures and quotes for marketing publications, offering guidance to prospective students via email, phone, and Facebook, assisting in classroom presentations, and participating in other recruiting events as required.

Rawls CGE Diplomats are expected to familiarize themselves with programs beyond their own, maintain a positive appearance, and provide accurate and helpful information to all Rawls College of Business students regarding studying abroad.


  • Speak in RCOBA classes to promote and share experiences of being abroad
  • Assist is CGE First Step Sessions for prospective students
  • Participate in the Rawls Career Fair and Study Abroad Fair each semester
  • Attend CGE Workshops to share personal experiences on studying abroad
  • Attend the Welcome/Welcome Back event each semester to network with students
  • Attend the Bon Voyage event to Q&A and interact with departing study abroad students
  • Engage in occasional office duties for networking and Q&A with Rawls students
  • Participate in occasional Rawls activities during the semester


Applicants must have a cumulative and semester grade point average of 2.75 or above, be enrolled in the Rawls College of Business before the term of service and be in Academic and Judiciary good standing with the University. A mature and friendly attitude, well-groomed appearance, good decision-making skills, and prior study abroad experience through the Rawls College of Business are also required.


All Rawls CGE Diplomats are required to participate in an orientation and training. They must support and comply with all University and Rawls College of Business policies. Membership fees are $20 per semester or $35 for the Academic Year.

Rawls CGE Diplomats Officers


Sophia Casillas
Major: Marketing

Studied Abroad: 2022 Business Law in Florence

Mason McDonald
Major: Accounting

Studied Abroad: 2023 Business in Prague