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Rawls Diplomats

The Rawls Diplomats are a student organization comprised of Rawls College of Business study abroad alumni. The Rawls Diplomat organization is a great way to utilize skills learned from abroad and to support and inspire a future generation of Red Raiders to go abroad. This organization provides academic support, fellowship, and community for students who plan to study abroad, are studying abroad, and have previously studied abroad. This organization also aims to establish a leadership role on campus as well as the community through working with international students in the business college studying abroad in Lubbock.

Some of the ways Rawls Diplomats help the CGE promote studying abroad are through class presentations, study abroad fairs, send-off seminar, Welcome Back student event, and our Bon Voyage student event. These different events give the students plenty of opportunities to talk about their experience in either a group setting or more of a one-on-one setting.

Essential Functions

The essential function for the Rawls Diplomats is to represent the Center for Global Engagement and the Rawls College of Business in all recruitment efforts. The Rawls diplomat will promote study abroad opportunities to Rawls College of Business students and will be available to assist and answer questions for perspective students as well as students who are preparing for their planned study abroad experience.


Rawls Diplomats will be a Texas Tech Rawls College of Business student who has previously studied abroad through the CGE. Diplomats will perform work as assigned by the CGE. Basic responsibilities include but are not limited to: participation in the Study Abroad Fair, participation in the Welcome & Welcome Back event, planning and execution of various other recruitment and assessment events, setting up and manning a table in the Rawls College of Business Administration Building as assigned, post several times a week on the CGE Facebook fanpage, provide the CGE with pictures from their study abroad experience as well as a quote to be used in marketing publications, be available to perspective students by email, phone and Facebook to answer questions and give advice, assist in classroom presentations as requested, and participate in other recruiting events as requested.

Rawls Diplomats will be expected to become familiar with programs other than the one that they participated on and will have a positive, pleasant, and well groomed appearance while on duty. The Rawls Diplomats are expected to provide accurate information and to be a helpful resource to all Rawls College of Business students in regards to studying abroad.


  • Speak in BA1101 classes to promote and share experiences of being abroad
  • Lead Study Abroad Information Sessions for prospective study abroad students
  • Participate in the Rawls Career Fair each semester
  • Participate in the Study Abroad Fair each semester
  • Attend the Center for Global Engagement Workshop  each semester to give personal experiences on studying abroad to students that are going abroad the following semester
  • Participate in classroom presentations (as needed)
  • Attend the Welcome/Welcome Back event each semester and network with returning and study abroad students
  • Attend the Bon Voyage event each semester to Q&A and interact with departing study abroad students
  • Occasional office duties in which you network and Q&A with Rawls students
  • Attend and be a part of occasional Rawls activities during the semester


  • Applicants must possess a cumulative and semester grade point average of 2.75 or above, and must be an enrolled in the Rawls College of Business prior to term of service
  • Applicants must be in Academic and Judiciary good standing with the University
  • Applicants must demonstrate a mature and friendly attitude, present a well-groomed appearance, and possess good decision making skills
  • Applicants must have studied abroad through the Rawls College of Business or plan to study abroad 


  • All Rawls Diplomats are required to participate in an orientation and training
  • All Rawls Diplomats are expected to support and comply with all University policies, as well as those of the Rawls College of Business
  • Membership fees are $20 for semester or $35 for Academic Year

Rawls Diplomat Officers

Kendall Rhodes

Major: Accounting & Finance
Studied Abroad: 2017: Business in Norway (Honefoss, Norway); 2017: Accounting & Finance Scholars Program (New York & London); 2018: Business in Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)

Umair Nasser
Vice President

Major: Finance
Studied Abroad: 2017 Spring Semester in Prague

Kendall Tilton

Major: Accounting
Studied Abroad: 2017: BECO (Berlin, Germany & London, England); 2018: Business in Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)

Alexander Gumm

Major: Accounting & Finance
Studied Abroad: 2017: Accounting & Finance Scholars Program (New York & London); 2018: Business in Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)