Texas Tech University

Institute for Banking and Financial Studies

With a focus on promoting and supporting excellence in finance research and education, the Institute for Banking and Financial Studies of the Rawls College of Business provides financial and intellectual support to the faculty and students of the Area of Finance and the Rawls College of Business.

The goals of the institute are to:

Foster the funding of finance research and finance faculty members' interaction with outside scholars.

Activities that help us reach this goal:

    • Provide monetary incentives to increase research productivity and quality.
    • Assist faculty and doctoral students with database, travel, and presentation needs.
    • Provide funding for visits by outside scholars.


Foster the acquisition of, understanding of, and use of major finance-research and business-research databases.

Activities that help us reach this goal:

    • Acquire databases for which there are legitimate research needs.
    • Provide efficient access to, and support for the use of, all major databases for all College of Business faculty and doctoral students.


Increase the endowment of the Institute and increase strategic partnerships with the business community.

Activities that help us reach this goal:

    • Increase contacts with, and the involvement of, individuals and businesses that are related to the Area of Finance.
    • Provide administrative, curricular, and faculty support to the Texas Tech School of Banking, and thereby support the local-area and state-wide banking communities.


Jeff Mercer, Ph.D.