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At the Rawls College of Business, philanthropy plays an important role. Tuition dollars and limited state aid provide Rawls College the basic essentials of business education, but a truly great experience is made possible by philanthropic gifts – large and small. Contributions from outstanding alumni, generous friends, community leaders and philanthropic advocates provide the resources necessary for Rawls College to fulfill our mission to advance knowledge through impactful research and educate and develop resilient graduates who will shape the workplace of the future.

Join our community of generous donors and impact the next generation of business leaders by helping to provide scholarships, advance faculty research, and enrich student life.

However you choose to support Rawls College, thank you for staying involved and contributing to our future as a leader in business education.

I am the first female in my entire family to come to America to pursue my studies to achieve my dreams. Receiving a scholarship helped me reduce my financial burdens and aided me as I continued pursuing my education.

—Hadiqa Basit

Receiving a scholarship helped make my dream a reality, as it has provided me with the financial resources needed to ensure my continued education at Texas Tech University.

—Peyton Steele

I am so grateful for people like you who give to my generation to help us accomplish our goals and dreams. Thank you for being a huge part of why the Rawls College of Business continues to change lives.

—Nikki Lowen

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